Having Twins?
From Twin Pregnancy to Raising Twins

Are you having twins? Or have your delightful two arrived? How to cope with newborn twins can be a daunting thought. Here you can explore tips, facts and advice to get you through your pregnancy and that first all important year. From twin pregnancy to labor and delivery, newborn twins to breastfeeding twins and much more.

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Having twins is special and unique bringing big changes to your home and your life. Between sleepless nights, giggles and tickles with baby gear in every corner, routine and organization is the key for happy twins and happy parents.

Baby Twins

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Newborn Twins

Discovered you are expecting twins or have they arrived and are now on the road to raising twins? Here you can ask questions read stories or share your own twin experiences.

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Having Twins is Just For You...

This site is just for you whether you're expecting two or you already have them, this site is great even for Grandparents, Aunts and family friends.

Search through this site to find information on all sorts of use information:

  • Here you can read some great tips on naming twins and the even the most popular names of the year
  • Find out about stretch marks and pregnancy
  • Info on having a c-section
  • You can even shop right here at our having twins store where you can also see all my best picks.
  • From potty training to costumes for twins and quotes to books about twins
  • And so so much more with new articles being posted including stories and photos from you all

As a mother of identical twins I would like to share this journey with you as our beautiful baby twins grow and learn, enjoying every moment as we learn and grow right along with them.

A Bit About Me:

My Twin Girls

Hi there, I’m Charlene firstly welcome to my web site.

My husband, John, and I are lucky enough to be raising twin girls and their wonderful older brother. Though it has been hard it gets easier as they get older, which comes with new and wonderful challenges.

Caring for twins is a tough job but so rewarding, amazing, joyful and all those good feelings...You can read more about us here

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    Aug 07, 17 12:22 AM

    6 weeks 4 days

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  2. Monoamniotic Twins

    Aug 06, 17 11:50 PM

    I found out I was pregnant with twins when I was only 7 weeks & 20 years of age. But before I knew I was pregnant with twins I was rushed to the ER because

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  3. Best time for mono/di twins delivery by LMP date

    Aug 06, 17 11:44 PM

    Hi I am pregnant with mono/di twins with ( one placenta and two amniotic sac) my LMP date was on 2 December 2016.then when I due my babies?

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We are so lucky to have the special job of raising our beautiful twin babies, so let’s help each other be prepared, and keep our twin babes happy, healthy and safe before and after birth.

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