30 Weeks Pregnant with Twin Girls

by Jenine
(South Africa)

My name is Jenine. I'm 28 & my partner is 35. We had only been dating for 4 months when we found out I was pregnant. Both of us had never planned on having kids. So this was a surprise. We believe things happen for a reason, so this is our new path together.

When we went for the 3rd scan, we discovered another huge surprise, we were going to have twins!! We were still trying to deal with the fact that we were having a baby when the doc said 'There's the 2nd baby'. At first we looked at each other & laughed cause we thought he was joking. But he showed us the 2 babies. I just burst out crying!!! I didn't know what to think or do. We also discovered that they share a placenta so we had to go for scans & checkups every 2 weeks to make sure there were no risks.

I had a very easy pregnancy, hardly any nausea or anything else. Both babies were always almost exactly the same weight & growing very well. We are so lucky to have such a healthy & easy pregnancy. At 32 weeks we had a bit of a scare & pre-term labour threatened! I was admitted to hospital & stayed for 4 days, but luckily they managed to stop the labour!!

But now, a few months later we are ready and happy & we're getting excited to welcome our 2 little girls into the world. I'm currently 34 weeks 4days & we hope to keep them in there until week 38. We are ready & our hospital bags are packed.

We are unsure of what the future is going to bring & we don't know how we're going to cope. But both of us believe that God wouldn't have given us such an exceptional gift if we couldn't handle it.

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