34 1/2 Weeks

by Jerriann

34.5 weeks

34.5 weeks

I had my twins less than 12 hours after this picture was taken. Both boys healthy and happy - Baby A 6 lbs 3 oz and Baby B 6 lbs - a little early but problem free and no NICU needed.

Baby B was breech and I had a rough breech extraction but that is what I wanted to avoid a c-section if possible. (I did) The boys are now 6 weeks old and growing so fast!

If you are planning a breech extraction - have the epidural. I didn't feel anything which is good - because he entered the birth canal with an arm and a leg first. My fabulous Dr. had to go in searching for the other leg to get him out safely.

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Great story - early does not have to mean they will go to the Nicu
by: Anonymous

I appreciate this story. I'm pregnant with identical boys right now at 29 weeks. Both measured in at 3 lbs each. I want to keep them in as long as I can, but it's great to know these boys came fairly good size for twins, early and did not need the Nicu. Great and encouraging story!

by: Anonymous

Hello I'm pregnant with twins 24 weeks, I was just wondering did u just go into natural labour?
I so so don't want a c section, how long was ur labour?

I share a simmilar story...
by: Alicia Landregan

I gave birth to my identical twin boys four months ago, they were born at 37 1/2 weeks, my first was born naturally weighing 6lb 2oz and my second was born by breech extraction, weighing 5lb. I was given an epidural which failed. I was then given a spinal tap which also didn’t work which led to me being put to sleep as he was coming out arm and leg first. 42 mins after his brother arrived my second was born, 3 hour labour in total, (I was induced). Isn’t it strange that we share similar stories, I live in Liverpool UK, I hope you are doing well, did you have any problems with your hips? I have to use crutches for the next 6 months.

Love and best wishes to you and your twinkles xxx

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