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Breastfeeding Twins in Public
November 24, 2012

Breastfeeding Twins in Public

Having Twins Today, Issue #011 -- November 2012

In this Issue:

1) So how do you breastfeed twins in public?

2) What have other Twin moms shared?

3) Previous Issues – Having Twins Today

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Breastfeeding Twins in Public

Have you thought about how to breastfeed your twins while out and about? Well if you are wondering what works best, the simple answer that most moms agree to or practice is to feed one at a time.

If you are use to breastfeeding your babies at the same time then you may be worried that feeding them at separately could disrupt their routine. Be assured nursing your twins at different times will ultimately not be harmful to their routine. Especially if you feed straight after the first twin.

A Couple of Suggestions

* You could however feed them up just before you leave for an outing this way nursing your twins whilst out will be less likely.

* If you absolutely prefer to tandem breastfeed then you could take your nursing pillow along with anything else you need and feed in the car. You may feel a bit more comfortable with a bit of privacy, tinted windows would really be helpful.

* You can also buy twin nursing pillows that come with a full cover if that suits you best. This will mostly likely only be suited to younger twins.

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Breastfeeding Twins

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