Coping with Labor Pains Naturally

Having Twins Today, Issue #010 – February 2012

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3 Ways to Cope with Labor Pains Naturally

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1. Be prepared and think of your 5 senses:

Sight – Dimmed lights is best and helps with relaxation

Smell – Aromatherapy can help with tension and relaxation using different scents such as lavender.

Touch – A gentle massage can be of some relief, especially on the hands and feet even shoulders and back.

Hearing – Your favorite music can be comforting, on the other hand so can the quite of a room.

Taste – Eating or drinking fluids during labor is a no no, but you can suck on hard boiled candy.

2. Breathing:

Breathing during labor is important but it’s more about controlling it and remembering to breathe during a contraction. Practicing your breathing in a controlled and relaxed way during pregnancy will help you when in labor.

3. Relax Body and Mind

Some women practice meditation and/or visualization techniques. Being tense will make the contractions hurt more and can even slow things down. Just remember that you’re in labor and your body is doing what it’s supposed to be doing, so go with it fighting it will only makes it harder.

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