Tips and Tricks when Grocery Shopping with Twins

Having Twins Today, Issue #004 -- 20 June 2011

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Twin Tip: Tips and Tricks when Grocery Shopping with Twins

When you can’t get a babysitter and no-one can come shopping with you what do you do? Read these tips for a smoother, happier trip to the supermarket with your twins.

Before you leave home:
Pack a small diaper bag, you could even have one ready to go and in the car at all times:

a. Diapers and baby wipes
b. Travel diaper rash cream
c. An extra set of clothes each
d. Pacifiers
e. Two small baby blankets
f. Cart cover

If you need to take snacks and bottles get these ready just before you go.

2. Feed, burp, change, rest. You would be setting yourself up for hungry, windy or uncomfortable babies causing stress for both you and your babies.

3. Write a shopping list. If you know exactly what you need this will eliminate more anxiety and you won’t forget anything.

At the Supermarket:
Park right next to a cart return. You may be lucky enough to get a trolley made for twins (not all supermarkets have these) and when you have finished your shopping you can return the cart easily.

2. Stay positive and be relaxed, babies and toddlers will feel uneasy when you do.

3. In the cart. If you can’t find a twin trolley or your supermarket doesn’t have them, try one of these suggestions:

a. Use a sling while the other baby is in their car seat inside the trolley.
b. You can use a twin baby carrier Click here to visit
c. Use your stroller and put your shopping in the under carriage.

Another option is to do your grocery shopping online from the comfort of home

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Money Saving Tips at the Grocery Store

1. Write a shopping list and stick to it.

2. Have a budget and bring a calculator.

3. Never shop hungry.

4. Use coupons whenever you can.

5. Plan your meals for the week.

6. Keep in mind that store brands are cheaper.

7. Compare price by units which is often printed on the label in the supermarket. Otherwise you can divide the price by number of units, for example a package of food that cost $2 and weighs 10 oz would make the unit price a quarter (25 cents). You can do this with several items to find out which is cheaper. Often buying two smaller packets is cheaper than buying the larger one. Bulk is not always the better option.

8. Ignore checkout last minute buys like magazines and chocolate.

9. Did you know you can freeze milk? If it’s on special, and you have freezer space, buy some extra bottles.

10. Check the entrie shelves. Often the best bargains are above and below eye level.

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