Stressed Out? How to Keep your Sanity with Twin Babies

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Stressed Out? Look after you too

When caring for twins we will all get stressed out from time to time, here are my best tips to be as stress free as possible while raising twin babies:

1. Sleep when the babies sleep. Tiredness is one of the biggest reasons any person will not be able to cope with everyday things.

2. At least once a week try to organize a babysitter even if it’s just for half an hour to take a relaxing soak in the bath, read your favorite book, get your nails done or have a coffee with a friend. Doing things for yourself can help you to feel like you. This can also help with combating postpartum depression.

3. Do you have two crying babies that are healthy, have a dry diaper, have a full tummy and are wind free? If you are feeling overwhelmed put them somewhere save like their cribs and go outside for 5 minutes and just breathe. Take some deep breathes thinking to yourself I can do this they are only crying and this won’t last forever. Then go back and sing your babies a song, give them a cuddle and generally comfort them. A calm relaxed mommy is often all a baby needs.

4. Having support either from family and friends or a play group can be one of the best de-stresses. A simple chat with other moms, your mom doing a load of washing or even going for a coffee with a friend before she helps you with the grocery shopping can be life saving.

5. Play with your twins, I know it can be overwhelming and sometimes you just feel like the days drag while caring for twins, doing the housework and general everyday things. Playing, singing or reading them a story is great for your babies and for you. They don’t stay babies for long so enjoy that time with them.

6. Having a routine benefits both you and your twins. Babies need security which a daily routine provides and for parents it also makes things easier. Remember as they grow routines will change, just take it as it comes and ease into it.

7. Always go with what feels right for you. There’s a lot of information out there so read as much as you like and talk with other parents taking from it what you want. Connecting with other twin moms and dads can be very helpful knowing that you too can get through it.

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