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Having Twins Today, Issue 001 -- 20 March 2011

**In this Issue**

1) Join your local Multiple Birth Club. What does it offer? Read more here!

2) What’s New? My quest in Moms Helping Moms, Read the first contribution and add your own story and/or photos. We would love to hear all about your very special experience with twin pregnancy and having twins... Continue here!

3) What’s our Sneak Peak this month? Click here to find out!

4) My Top 10 Must Haves when expecting twins. I personally couldn’t have lived without these great items with our girls. Find out what they are!

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Our very first Twin Tip:

Join your local Multiple Birth Club!

What are the Benefits of Joining:

1. These clubs offer your family support and loads of information.
2. You don’t have to wait until your twins have arrived either join while you are pregnant!
3. There can be freebies or things for sale from other parents of twins who no longer need certain items like twin strollers.
4. Social functions like, Coffee Groups, Family Outings and Festive Occasions just to name a few.
5. Special meetings and events for parents, including educational, twin research and more.
6. Newsletters and publications and loads of information is available to you.

Please take note: Each club throughout the world will offer you and your family different benefits, support and information.

Click on one of the links below to find your local club to get started:

New Zealand

Join my quest in Moms helping Moms!

Here is the first contribution from Teenae who is expecting identical twin boys: Twin Journey So Far!

We would love to hear all about your very special stories about pregnancy and having twins. If you would like to share with other parents of multiples click one of the topics below. You will be creating your very own page that you can share with parents of twins, family and friends:

Twin Pregnancy
Twin Belly Pictures

Twins Ultrasound

Breastfeeding Twins

Surviving Newborn Twins

New Content Coming Soon!

Coming soon... Free stuff for twins! Things like Freebies, Coupons, and Discounts. I will keep you updated with the latest top valued offers.

If you know of any fabulous deals for parents with twins and little ones contact us anytime through our contact us form

Also Coming Soon! You won’t believe which celebrities have a twin sibling!

My Top 10 Must Haves when Preparing for Twins

1. Twin Feeding Pillow. This was a lifesaver and made tandem nursing a lot more manageable.

2. Car Seats. A must have even to leave the hospital when discharged.

3. Twin Stroller. Making shopping trips easy and walking is great for loosing that pregnancy weight.

4. A Bouncer Each. I could not have lived without two bouncers. If you bottle feed you can use them with ease. Bathing one baby at a time? Put the other in the bouncer beside you in the bathroom (or wherever you bath your twins).

5. Swaddling Wraps. Newborn babies love to be wrapped up. It gives them comfort as they are used to being in a small space. A wrap can help with a fed, changed and fully winded baby settle down to sleep.

6. Bath Supports. It's all hands free.

7. Baby Thermometer. Always handy especially when you have a very upset baby you can always eliminate fever.

8. Breast Milk Expresser/Breast Pump. Can help you get your milk in. You can also store a supply in the freezer. Let someone else take over for a few hours and get some rest or may be a lunch with a friend.

9. Portable Baby Monitor. You will be able to go about your day as you can hear very little toss, turn and cry.

10. Music Box. You can turn it on every nap/sleep time, when you go somewhere over night or anywhere take it with you. The music will be their cue to sleep as they become familiar with that routine.

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