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Having Twins Today, Issue #005 -- 20 July 2011

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Money Saving Tips for Twin Babies

1. Have a baby shower. Celebrate your pregnancy with family and friends and sign up to a baby registry or ask for things like diapers of different sizes, baby wipes, clothing, or even ask if everyone could chip in for the bigger items like strollers, car seats and cribs.

2. Breastfeeding your Twins will really cut down on costs, after all it’s free.

3. Check out our Free Stuff for Twins , including discounts and coupons.

4. Borrow or swap. There are many items that babies only need for a short time so why not try to borrow or swap with family, friends or neighbors.

5. Join your local multiple birth club, members of these clubs often sell their unneeded baby stuff and sometimes even offer them for free.

6. Having twins doesn’t mean two of absolutely everything, for instance if you wish to get a baby bath then one is all you really need. Better still don’t get a bath at all and use the sink. Figure out what you truly think your babies need and whether or not they need one each.

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New Content Coming Soon!

I have mentioned new content is to come in previous e-zines: *Postpartum Depression *Work from Home *Twin Baby Health These are still on their way. Planning a twin nursery is also in the process of being added. I hope to have all this new content up in the very near future.

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