Sleep During Twin Pregnancy

Having Twins Today, Issue #002 -- 20 April 2011

1) My top tip for a more comfortable sleep during a twin pregnancy, Plus 5 other great tips on getting quality sleep.Read more here...

2) What’s New? My quest in Moms Helping Moms, Ask a mom who has been there about your twin pregnancy! Maybe you have a specific question about sleeping during pregnancy or literally anything else on twin pregnancy and want some advice and tips. From moms who have been there. Read More!

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4) How to create a relaxing environment in your bedroom for the best sleep you can get. Find out what they are here...

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Twin Tip:

Top Tip – Invest in a pregnancy pillow, or be creative with regular pillows. They are designed to support your back and cradle your belly, easing the pressure on your spine and muscles.

Other Great Tips For A Better Night’s Sleep…

1) Have a bedtime routine – A few soothing and relaxing things you could include; Meditation, A warm bath, Reading a book, Dimed lights and soft music and Comfortable sleepwear. Try any of these things to help ease the stresses from the day. Going to bed with a clear head and relaxed body prepares you for a good night’s sleep.

2) Napping – Having a nap or two during the day actually helps you to sleep better at night, as being overtired can result in a restless night.

3) Diet – Avoid caffeine, spicy and very salty foods. Also eat your dinner slowly and at least 2 hours before you go to bed to help avoid indigestion.

4) Drink plenty of water – Stay hydrated but avoid drinking too much water at night to cut down trips to the bathroom.

5) Sleeping position – Lay on your left side this will allow a better flow of blood and nutrients going to the placenta(s) though laying on your right side is safe too. Avoid sleeping on your back which can cause backaches, breathing issues, hemorrhoids, and decrease in blood circulation. Sleeping on your stomach should also be avoided.

6) Exercise – You should always talk to your healthcare professional about any type of exercise regime first. But it’s a great way to release stress, the endorphins have a part in that, letting you sleep more peacefully.

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Tips For A Relaxing Bedroom

1) Dim the Lights – Low level lighting helps you (physiologically) relax and feel lethargic. Once you are ready to sleep turn the lights out completely. An eye mask and/or thick light blocking curtains can also be of some benefit.

2) Turn off the TV – Watching TV is often used to wind down in bed but it actually stimulates your mind rather than relax it. And the flickering lights that come from the screen can’t help either. If you are use to the TV being on at bedtime try some very soft music or white noise. Eventually you won’t need the music or the TV to get to sleep.

3) Room Temperature – Most people have a comfortable sleep in a cool room about 65°F (18°C).

4) Your Bed – Is your bed comfortable? If your bed is uncomfortable (even before your twin pregnancy) it may be a time to buy a new mattress/bed. Another option is to get a memory foam topper for your current bed. Comfy pillows and linen can also make a huge difference.

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