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Third Trimester

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Your Twin Pregnancy continues...

The last leg, the third trimester! Now things are getting even more uncomfortable.

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Third Trimester weeks 27 – 40

Try to relax as much as possible, this can be a challenge if you have other young children and/or are working. Ask for help if you need it from family and friends, you may also need to finish work earlier than expected; discuss this with your employer.

Your Twin Pregnancy

Weeks 27 – 31

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About you...
You may be suffering from constipation, drinking plenty of water and eating a well balanced diet will help this.

Hemorrhoids could also be apparent, if so see your doctor as there are creams you can use but only in late pregnancy. An ice pack or a salty bath can offer some relief.

A pregnancy massage can be an awesome, relaxing experience.

Are you suffering from an itchy abdomen? Talk to your doctor, it can sometimes be a sign of something more serious.

May feel breathless as babies push up into your rib cage.

Sleeping during a twin pregnancy in the third trimester (or even in the second trimester ) can be uncomfortable, try supporting your twin belly with pillows, a pillow in between your knees can be great relief.

Braxton Hicks will start, though I was unable to feel mine others have strong contraction like pains. These Braxton Hicks is your body practising for the real thing.

Create memories and book a photographer to capture that beautiful twin belly

Tip: Making sure your cupboards are stocked up with groceries, and preparing a few meals to pop in the freezer will be life saver after your twins are born. Maybe you could even get a relative, friend or professional to give your house the once over before you all arrive home, you will feel comfortable and at ease walking into a freshly cleaned house and don’t forget those meals in the freezer.

Your babies...
Week 27 – The brain of each twin is developing rapidly, the eyes are beginning to open now and they measure 13 – 15 inches from head to toe.

Week 28 – Your twins are now gaining weight fast, producing fat which helps to regulate their body temperature after birth. They have also started storing iron and calcium. Eyebrows may be visible as well as lashes.

Week 29 – Each little head is proportionate to the body and continues to gain weight. Multiples sharing a placenta could mean one twin being smaller than the other, sometimes the difference is huge.

Week 30 – Baby’s at this stage can sometimes react to loud noises, measuring about 16.5 inches. The brain now resembles that of an adult brain.

Week 31 – Baby movements will be less as there’s not much room in there especially when having twins. Some days they will wriggle more often than others, it can be hard to determine who is who in there.

Weeks 32 – 35

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About your Twin Pregnancy...
Put your feet up whenever you can especially if you have swollen ankles, this is common with a twin pregnancy.
If your hands and face start to look puffy contact your doctor this can be a sign of preeclampsia .

Backache is probably getting worse, hopping into a nice warm bath or a heat pack can give some relief. Be aware of any new or unusual aches and pains this could be a sign of preterm labor.

Remember to rest whenever you can, take a nap or just put your feet up and relax your body and mind.

You may be feeling anxious about the inevitable birth, go over your Birth Plan again with everyone who will be involved in your multiple birth, and try to relax.

Have you decided on twin baby names yet?

Read more here on Creative Tips and Advice When Choosing Twin Names

The leading twin is beginning to drop down into your pelvis this can cause you to urinate more often, but pressure on your chest may being to ease.

Make sure your bags are ready to go! See more on a Labor Bag Checklist here.

Your babies...
Week 32 – Are both able to see and hear, gaining weight steadily.

Week 33 – Measuring approximately 18 inches head to toe, your twins may not grow a lot more in length but are continuing to gain weight. Could have a head full of hair.

Week 34 – By now your baby twins could weigh about 4 lbs, each! That’s an 8 lbs singleton in there.

Week 35 – Both sets of lungs are almost fully developed, could measure in at 19 inches.

Weeks 36 – 40

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About your Twin Pregnancy...
Braxton Hicks will become more frequent increasing in intensity. If they are getting more and more intense speak to your doctor/midwife, before the 37th gestation may indicate preterm labor

Your multiple pregnancy is coming to an end, some will have already had their twin babies others are still waiting, and waiting, just remember it will happen that is one thing you can be sure of.

You may have a planned cesarean section and the date of birth has been set.

Dreaming about your infants or even the labor and delivery is common and predictable as this will be the main thing on your mind in the last few weeks.

You could be experiencing bursts of energy followed by extreme tiredness, try not to over do it.

You may notice some blood spotting as your body gets ready to give birth.

Feeling huge and extremely uncomfortable by now, often women will miss the feeling of being pregnant after the birth so try to take it all in and enjoy it – as much as you can anyway.

A Multiple Pregnancy is exciting taking you through the ups and downs. You will now meet the two inside your belly very soon. Be aware of your body and watch for labor signs

Your babies...
Week 36 – Moving down into the pelvis getting ready for labor and delivery .

Week 37 – Still moving and wriggling along with more weight gain.

Week 38 – Most of the fine hair (lanugo) and protective coat (vernix caseosa) has gone. They are now full term.

Weeks 39 – 40: You are now over due for a twin pregnancy, you twinfants will continue to gain weight, and everything is in place. Your doctor or midwife will discuss birthing options like being induced.

If your baby twins are born below 5 pounds they may need to remain in hospital in a special bed (incubator), as regulating their body temperature can be an issue. Your twin babies will need to stay until a healthy weight has been reached and they can sustain their own body temperature.

Tip: Kangaroo Care is becoming widely known as the best way to calm, warm, bond and initiate breastfeeding

Newborn Twins

Newborn Twins

Even though many of us think in the moment, when will it end? With the aches the pains, the uncomfortable nights and the list goes on.

All those discomforts of your twin pregnancy will soon be forgotten and replaced with kisses and cuddles with your precious newborn twins .

Congratulations you made it!

Please remember, should you have any concerns or queries regarding your twin pregnancy, contact your doctor and/or midwife to discuss these with them.

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