Best Baby Product for Newborn Twins

by Catrina Larsen

For all those having twins or more arriving soon... my twins are 4 in a few weeks and i can say the most wonderful gift I received by far was a product called "Its been".

They can be found at places like Babies r Us and are very inexpensive. You will need one for each, they come in different colors, or I recommend writing the babies name on it to keep from mixing them up.

The features are timers for specific things , such as diaper change, sleep, feeding and one you can make for anything else that may be helpful. Each timer has a reset button, so when daddy changes a diaper ,or I suppose if you wanted to keep track of bowel movements only you could, then he pushes the reset button for that baby... then when mommy or grandma checks on the baby she can see how long ago it's been since the last one. Same way for sleep, start it when they go to sleep, reset when they wake... then you know how long they slept and how long since they slept, and also for feeding.

The other features are a belt clip, I clipped it on their bassinets, I suggest keeping it with each baby at all times, that way multiple care givers don't have to hunt for it. It features a short timed night light so you can check on things without flipping on a bright light. It has a little left and right flip switch to keep track of which side you breast feed on the last time (if you choose to do so).

They may have improved this item in the last 4 years, all I know is I would recommend it for multiples... or anyone for that matter !! It took so much guess work and confusion out of the picture and lets you concentrate on more important things like those little precious bundles. Sorry this was so long , I just had to share !!!

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