Videos For the Birth of Twins

The Birth of Twins

Watch these childbirth videos here...

Are you pregnant with twins? Then I am sure, just like I was, you want to know all about giving birth to twins and what to expect. Here you can see a natural delivery of twins, a planned home birth and a cesarean section shared by other parents of twins.

The labor and delivery of twins is of course different for everyone, with their very own special experiences. But having a bit of insight into the wonder of delivering multiples is always of some comfortable. Seeing other moms and their childbirth journey is reassuring that you too can and will be able to get through it. It's really a beautiful experience that is like no other.

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**Please note: This collection of childbirth videos is not for the squeamish and parental guidance is advised. These videos contain graphic images of birthing twin babies.**

Birthing Twins Naturally

Many people think a twin pregnancy automatically means a delivery via a c-section. But the fact is many mothers including myself have delivered their two babies naturally. Here is one mom’s experience of natural childbirth with twins.

Home Birth of Twins

This is a lovely childbirth video of twins being born at home.

Yes twins can be born at home, though it is not recommended in the case of complications during delivery. A home birth is always well planned which includes an emergency plan. So if you are considering a home birth for your twins, research well and take everything into consideration. Having twins or more automatically puts you in the 'High Risk Pregnancy' category.

Cesarean Section of twins

Childbirth video of a twin c-section...

Though mothers of a multiple pregnancy can very likely have a natural birth or even a home birth, as seen above, birthing twins for many will mean having a c-section.

Sometimes no matter how healthy you are or how much you plan for a natural birth a c-section maybe your safest bet. Sometimes twin A can be born naturally while twin B needs a c-section due to an emergency. So watch this video to see another miracle of birthing twin babies.

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There are also many books about having twins.
You can see books about twins here including books about pregnancy and raising twins, books for dads, and a variety of others.

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