Cribs for Twins

Cribs for twins, will it be one or two, mini or standard size or even a special crib made just for twins? There are many cribs to choose from so I have put together a few of what I think are great options for twin babies.

Are there Cribs Designed for Twins?

When planning the nursery for our twins we did wonder if there were any cribs especially made for twins. Through some research I found a small number of cribs designed just for twins.

When we were deciding on the best crib for our twin girls we decided to choose two bassinets firstly to go in our room. Then two separate cribs when they were getting to big for the bassinets and starting sleeping in they own room.

Choosing Cribs for Twins

Cribs for Two

If you intend on your twins sharing a crib there are a few options to choose from. Keep in mind these will only last a few months, as they get bigger they may disturb each other.So eventually they will need their own crib.

A co-sleeper bassinet sits right next to your bed for an easy reach during night feeds. And finally 

Twin Privacy Crib

The twin privacy cribs are great for a more independent sleep, with your little ones being less likely to disturb each other at bed time. The side panels also help block out some of the household noise.

These cribs can actually be placed anywhere in the room, they are not attached to one another. Mattresses for both are included.

If I had found these cribs when were looking around this is probably the way we would have gone.

Twin Cradle

So Ro Contemporary Twin Cradle in Walnut

This unique twin cradle was designed by a renowned occupational therapist and can be rocked for a soothing motion to settle your twin babies. It's pretty light and comes with mattress pads and two fitted sheets.

The cradle is best suited between the ages of 0 to 6 months, so this would only be a temporary option for your twins.

Twins Bassinet

Graco Pack 'n Play Playard with Twins Bassinet, Vance

A pack ‘n play that comes with a bassinet for twins, the bonus with this one is you can use it as a play yard once they have grown out of the bassinets.

A pack ‘n play can also be used as a portable crib when you go on holiday or even when your twins are being babysat at the grandparents house. Of course you would probably need two eventually.

Two Level Crib

Whitney Bros WB9920 Space Saver Two Level Crib

What an awesome space saver this two level crib for twins is. The top crib is stationary while the bottom is on castors so you can pull it out for easy access.

The great thing about these cribs is, if one twin is very unsettled or unwell you could easily move the bottom bed out into your room or other room for the night.

Cribs with Storage

Cribs with storage is a great space saver option especially the ones made with a changing area. Many cribs now-a-days also convert into a bed.

3-in-1 Convertible Crib with Guardrail

4 in 1 Mini Crib and Dressing Table Combo

More Storage Ideas for a Twin Nursery

Cribs for Twins - Convertible Crib

Most cribs are convertible to some extent but this one has to be the ultimate crib, it can be converted into 7, yip I said 7 different ways.

Dream On Me Violet 7 in 1 Convertible Life Style Crib, Black


  • A crib
  • Toddler Bed
  • Day bed
  • Twin bed, which has two different set up options
  • Also two set up options for a full bed.

Definitely a money saver.

Here is some crib safety information at - Baby Crib Safety

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