Finally fed up with stupid questions I became quite the smarty pants!

by Tonya

Having Twins and One Moms Way of Dealing with Silly Twin Questions...

While I was pregnant people would stare and make their comments, yes I was emotional but oh well I got over it. Then my twins were born! While I thought the comments would stop they so didn't and neither did the stupid/silly/obvious questions. Yes there were quite invasive, from natural or c-section to how much did they weigh to who came first and were they born at the same time.

After the first couple months of these questions from strangers I just had enough. So my answers were quick rude and well abrupt. For natural or c section I gave them a look, like really, and then I would ask what position did you get pregnant in? Needless to say they would get embarrassed and leave me alone.

When asked how much did they weigh I would simply say excuse me, how much do you weigh? When asked who came first I asked them which came first the chicken or the egg. Then finally when they asked if they were born at the same time I politely said, nah I think 20 years apart. Finally when asked if they were twins (mine are identical mirror image so they really do look alike) I would tell them, uh I’m not sure they might be aliens, and of course the favorite how do you do it? I simply tell them very easily I don’t stand around chatting with people like you for an hour.

Honestly I didn't use to be so rude and quite frankly after many months of nonstop annoyance from people’s curiosity it drove me to what would normally take me 1/2 in the store would take 3 hours due to peoples ridiculousness’. It got to the point of putting a blanket over the stroller that had a note attached saying yes we are twins leave us alone so we don't get sick. Hope this helps someone out there being bullied by curiosity!

Oh by the way it does get easier as they get older mine are now 13!

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Nov 30, 2011
silly questions
by: Anonymous

I have identical twin boys that are now 4 months old, I’m constantly being asked ridiculously stupid questions, are they twins, are they boys or girls or one of each when they are clearly dressed in blue, my twins were born across midnight so they have different birthdays (1st was born at 11.40pm and the second was born 12.22am) and people ask how it is possible for them to be twins, my answer is well.... they were twins for 9 months inside me, what do u think, some people are just stupid hahhaha

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