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Having twins can take its toll on your pocket. With the day to day costs of raising twins, especially during that first year which can be overwhelming. From cribs to diapers, formula and clothing, the list goes on and on.

A variety of companies have put together some special offers, helping families with multiple babies. Searching the web for deals and free stuff can be very time consuming, so I have put together a list of these freebies for twins, discounts and coupons just for you.

Take note that it may take 6 – 8 weeks (maybe longer) for some of these free stuff for twins to arrive.

To the best of my knowledge these great offers are current.
I updated this list periodically, so check back often or sign up to my
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If you have found any great deals for multiples that's not listed or offers that may have expired, please let me know so I can add/delete them.
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Free Stuff For Twins

For Everyone – Worldwide
Free Stuff For Twins: From us here at A breastfeeding chart to help you keep track when alternating feeds. Including a diaper section if you are worried your babies aren’t feeding well, 6 – 8 very wet diapers is an indication of well fed babies.
Get Your Free Breastfeeding Twins & Diaper Chart!

Rewards Charts 4 Kids:
Free printable rewards charts for children, there are many styles to choose from. You can use these charts for potty training, sleeping issues, good behavior, and so many other things. They even have free printable good behaviour certificates and tooth fairy certificates. Go to their website

Free Stuff for Twins – U.S. and Canada

New Product Coupons

Coupon Surfer
Never pay full price again, there are hundreds of coupons here from groceries to clothing and heaps more

Free printable coupons for Baby & Toddler Care

Stuff 4 Multiples:
Stuff 4 Multiples offer parents of twins 15% off two cribs or bedding sets,triplet parents 20%. They are also the home of the TwinTrexx Twin Baby Carrier!
Click here to visit

Huggies offers a one-time only gift of coupons, which are of higher value and you get more, free baby stuff for parents of twins or more. To receive this offer of free stuff for twins, send a copy of your twin’s birth certificates along with your name and address to:

U.S. Residents – Kimberly Clark Corp. Dept. QMB PO Box 2020 Neenah, WI 54957-2020

Canadian Resident – Kimberly Clark Corp. Dept. QMB, 50 Burnhamthorpe Road West, Mississauga, ON L5B 3Y5

You may like to give them a call first to see what offers are available.

Pampers offers a multiple birth program, register with them by calling 1-877-256-3265 (M-F 9-6 EST).
You can also sign up with Pampers for other great offers through their website.

Call 1-800-284-9488 for information on a one-time complimentary gift for moms of twins or more.

Enfamil (Mead Johnson):
Call 1-800-BABY-123 or 1-800-2229-123 or go to their website. You can join their Enfamil Family Beginnings program for ongoing mail outs, coupons and free samples. Also talk to your pediatrician for possible offers available to multiples.

Baby Planet Boutique:
A discount for twins or more, use coupon code MULTIPLES at the checkout to receive a 10% discount. You must purchase at least 2 of the same product for this coupon to apply. You will also get free shipping on orders over $100. See more here

Talk To Your Pediatrician/Doctor:
More free stuff for twins can be obtained through most pediatrician’s. They can contact certain companies, like Enamil and Similac, to see if there are any special offers available for multiples.

American Baby Magazine:
Subscribe to this magazine for free!

Get Samples:
Not specific to twins or multiples but many companies offer ongoing newsletters, samples, special offers and coupons when you sign up with them online, just to name a few: Drypers, Beechnut Baby Food, Playtex, Heinz Baby, The First Years. Each will have different offer types.

Ask In-Store:
Whenever you are out and about shopping, ask in-store for a discount with the mention you’re expecting twins (or have twins), you never know they just might be able to help you.

Multiple Birth Programs

There is an increase in multiple births and money is becoming tighter for many families, companies included. Due to this fact, several companies are discontinuing their multiple birth programs so specials and discounts are coming harder and harder to come by.

If you know of any twin specific deals or freebies, contact us so we can share with other parents of twins.
I do my upmost to keep these offers as up to date as possible. If at any time you come across discontinuations could you kindly let us know here at having twins, Contact me here!

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