Having Twin Boys at 32 Weeks 5 Days

by Jodie
(Perth, Australia)

13 weeks

13 weeks

We got to 32 + 5

We found out at 4 weeks that we were having twins, and after having 2 singleton girls we were hoping for 2 boys. At the ultrasound, we also counted our blessings that there were 2 unfertilized eggs (The very last thing we wanted/needed was 4 babies!!!)

Everything was going really well until 13 weeks. I had no morning sickness or any other pregnancy symptom until week 13, when my hips started to feel the growing weight of the babies, and my face broke out in zits. From 13-19 weeks I was still mobile and running around after my 2 girls and 2 step-sons. At 19 weeks, we found out that we were having 2 baby BOYS and were so excited!! Week 19 was also the week that my hips decided to give up and I was immobile most days and had to stay on the couch or in bed. I also hadn't put on any weight yet, much to my ob/gyn's disgust. I was told to drink flavoured milk to gain weight. So for the next 10 weeks I was couch/bed bound and drinking flavoured milk.

Randomly at 29 weeks, I got up to pee, but didn't quite make it (nothing out of the ordinary to be honest) but when I looked into the toilet the "wee" was pink and I knew something wasn't quite right. I called the labour ward and went in to be checked and told that my waters had broken and I had to be rushed to our maternity hospital an hour away by ambulance as I was in fast progressing preterm labour. I had the steroid injections and morphine injections and my labour stopped.

I was in hospital for 4 weeks in total and went into labour 5 times while there. As much as I was cursing the doctors and midwives for stopping it each time, I'm so happy now that they prolonged my pregnancy for as long as they did. At 32 weeks + 3 days i discharged myself from hospital as I couldn't stand being there any longer, and needed to be home with my family. 2 days later I went into labour again and straight back to the hospital and this time they couldn't stop it. Both of my boys were breech and twin 1 was coming down feet first so I had to have an emergency c-section. My boys were born at 4:03 and 4:04am on July 4th 2011 at 32 weeks 5 days and weighed 2055g (4lb 8oz) and 2000g (4lb 6oz), 45 and 44cm long. Both of them spent 2 days on CPAP, were in humidicribs for 10 days each and were very strong, lucky for their gestational age.

They are now happy and healthy 8 month old boys and are sitting up, eating 3 meals a day and about to cut their first teeth. Although twin 2 still has respiratory issues that we are working on, it's nothing too serious and he should be fine.

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