Having Twins at 33 Weeks 6 Days

by Teenae Sherrod
(Virginia Beach,V.A.)

Teenae’s twin pregnancy comes to an end at 33 weeks, 6 days gestation with the delivery of her lovely twin boys…

31- 33 they were born at 33weeks 6 days

At 1:30am April 29, 2011 my water broke wasn't really sure if it was my water or my urine, so I called my doctor who tells me to go to the hospital to make sure it wasn't my bladder. But by this time I start having contractions and water is continuously running down my leg so it was now obvious I'm in labor.

It’s around 2am and my contractions are now 5mins apart so I grabbed daddy and my overnight bag and rushed to the E.R. We get there, they take my info and rush me to a room to check me out, and I’m now 6cms and 100% and its 2:45am. They try getting an IV started and an epidural but 15 minutes later I'm at 10cms. No meds yet so my doctor decides to put me under general anesthetic and deliver my boys, it’s now about 3:20am. I feel everything like IV and catheter until they put me under and took out my children at 3:37am within seconds from one another. Jayden was 5lbs 17 inches and Jordan was 5lbs 2ozs 19 inches!

Scariest and happiest day ever for me and my family! They are now 5days old still in the nursery in hospital but are strong and almost ready to go home. In about less than a week I breastfeed both babies and its soooo easy, I pump of course because they're premature but it definitely helps them get their strength!

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May 31, 2011
jayden and jordans mommy
by: teenae sherrod

Thank you they are now 7lbs each and are now a month old they are sooo greedy lol health as lil oxes I'm so blessed

May 12, 2011
Wonderful News!
by: Anonymous

Congratulations Teenae, what happy news. It sounds like you and your twinkles are doing really well :-)

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