How long does twin labour usually last for?

by abby
(new zealand)

Its my 2nd pregnancy and am 29 weeks now

Hi I’m just really needing advice ladies as I am pregnant with twin girls, but very nervous for birth and labour or having a c-section, which i don’t want.

Could anyone let me know how long there labour lasted for their twin pregnancy especially if 2nd pregnancy like this is for me.

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Jul 07, 2013
Twin Birth
by: bella

I have the same worries this is my fourth pregnancy but first twin and my labour with them all the longest so far was about 6 hours and that is pushing to I am worried about this one cause there is double the amount.

Apr 13, 2012
Way better than singleton . . .
by: Jenn

Had the best labour delivery with my fraternal twin girls. I was 38 weeks and one day from being induced. Also my second pregnancy.

My water broke at 11:30 pm, no contractions so I got pitocin at 2:30 am. Anestesiologist was going into surgery so my obgyn insisted I get an epidural in case of c-section around 4:00 am (I was about 6cm dialated and was still sleeping thru contractions), got checked at about 8:30 am for the second time and was 10 cm and baby was ready. Got moved to operating room again just in case of c-section. Twin A was born at 8:52 am with only one push and Twin B changed from breech to head down, water broke for Twin B and she was born at 9:15 with three pushes.

Both were healthy at birth and no nicu time was needed. By noon we were in our room and waiting for our family to come meet the girls. If my first labour/delivery was as easy as this one I wouldn't have waited 5 years between pregnancies!

Apr 13, 2012
yeah good point
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your comments. Its tru everyone is different, it just seems like cause there is two it should take longer but hope not. I am wondering if a epidural would be a good idea cause I am so scared to go through the labour pain again

Apr 13, 2012
Twin labour
by: Louise

My first pregnancy was a singleton, my labour with my dd lasted 37hrs.
My twin labour, I got induced with the pessary at 37wks. I started getting mild cramps at 2am, by 7am my waters broke, at 7.30am I was 4cm dilated. By 7.50am (20 mins later) I was 10cm, but ended having an emergency c section as twin 2 heartbeat dropped rapidly. I had to go under general anasthetic as my labour happened so quick there was no time for pain relief.
Hope this helps x

Apr 13, 2012
twin labour
by: Anonymous

l have only had the one pregnacy with identical twin girls and went into labour naturally at 36 weeks and 3 days and only lasted 6 hours

Apr 13, 2012
Me too...
by: Charlene

My twin pregnancy was also my second and identical twin girls. I naturally went into labor at 38 weeks 2 days and my labor (as in true hard labor) lasted about 3 hours which was much easier and more enjoyable (well as enjoyable as pain can be anyway)than with my first. My first was a single baby.

The build up to my labor for the girls started with those lil niggles around lunchtime and I had them at 11:25pm and 11:40pm that night.

Hope this was helpful? Keep in mind everyone is different and has a completely different story to tell.

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