It's in the Blood

by Aria
(Enterprise, Al. U.S.A.)

Three year photos

Three year photos

Both my husband and I knew that he or his sister were next in line for twins. But we just weren't sure that we would be the ones to have them. My husband's Mothers side of the family has a long history of twins in their bloodline. The last set of twins was my husband’s grandmother’s twin brothers who are Fraternal. My husband and I conceived in August of 2011. We had no idea what was waiting for us at our first ultrasound. It took two and half months before I peed on a stick and found out that I was pregnant. Oct. 6th 2011 at 9 a.m. I took the test, I hadn't been feeling much like myself and wasn't sure if I was becoming depressed or what. Waiting for the test results was very surreal. When I looked at the results the screen said "Pregnant".

I called my husband at work and said "guess what?"
husband: "what?"
me: "we're pregnant."
husband: "Huh?!"
me: "yeup"
husband: "ok, I'll see you when I get home."
me: "yep"
husband: "alright, bye"
me: "bye"

Looking back to that conversation always makes us laugh.

It wasn't until two weeks before our first ultrasound that I got this overwhelming self-confirmation that I was having twins. Just sitting on my porch watching the sun go down and that "for sure I'm having twins" realization hit me. So I shared my epiphany with my friends and family via social media.

Well the ultrasound day had come, we drove to our appointment, kind of excited and yet nervous all at the same time. The ultrasound tech was amazing and so sweet. She said "congrats you're having twins." my husband and I both responded with "what?!" she repeated herself while showing us on the screen. I immediately started crying and my husband looked at me and said "how did you even know?" I laughed and said "I just did".

As soon as we left the doctors we called my parents and his parents first. Neither one of our parents believed us at first. They thought it was a prank we were playing. That was until we texted photos of the ultrasound. My sister in law who was sick at the time screamed over the phone and said "I'm not sick I'm coming over!" lol it was quite a time.

That was three years and two months ago. On May 14th 2012, I gave birth to two beautiful identical baby girls. Aerieanna Sophia 5 lbs 3 oz 17.5 Inches long, Heaven Parker 5 lbs. 17.5 Inches long and full heads of strawberry blonde hair.
Since then life has been challenging, with learning how to take on two babies at one time to very rewarding and so worth it. We couldn't be happier and we have no idea what we would do without them.

This is our story of how our little family grew and is still growing. We wouldn't change it for the world!

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