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Myth vs. Fact

There are many myths that are floating around about IVF. Here are just a few myths compared with facts about the procedure In Vitro Fertilization.

IVF Facts

Myth: In Vitro Fertilization will result in a multiple birth such as twins, triplets or more.

Fact: A study conducted in Europe resulted in 78.2% success in singleton pregnancies, 21% were twin pregnancies and this than 1% led to triplets which was the highest number of babies at one time.

Myth: Infertility is a women’s issue.

Fact: It’s almost equally divided by one-third each between the female and male. The remaining third is either a problem with both the male and female or an unidentifiable explanation.

Myth: In Vitro Fertilization is an unnatural way to become pregnant.

Fact: In fact
In Vitro Fertilization is the most natural way to become pregnant when there is a problem with either the female or male. This is because all that’s really happening is combining the egg and sperm together, which each body (in usual circumstances) naturally does. Basically it’s just a little bit of help in that very natural process.

Myth: Infertility can always be resolved with this type of procedure.

Fact: Statically the odds are in your favor with about 66% of patients having a baby. So when people say always this is not true as the remaining 34% do not result in a pregnancy with
In Vitro Fertilization. But in no way is this your last and only option.

Myth: Infertility issues only affects older people.

Fact: It’s true that age can be one factor when it comes to infertility. But even couples in their twenties have a chance of needing fertility treatments like
In Vitro Fertilization to become pregnant.

Myth: It can be very dangerous.

Fact: Experts say there are very few serious complications during the entire
In Vitro Fertilization process. Of course, as with all medical treatments there are some risks.

Keeping in Mind...

Discovering that you are expecting twins after treatment may not be the the reason you are having twins. For instance identical twins is something that just happens when the egg splits. Fraternal twins on the other hand would be the direct result of this type of treatment as several embryos are inserted to raise the success rate.

For many people this is truly a gift and sometimes the only way they are successful in becoming parents. I know a couple who have two children and used this method to become pregnant, they feel extremely lucky and thank you for the opportunity to create a family of their own.

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