by Brandi
(WCC Indiana)

I had my mo-mo twin girls at 33 weeks gestation.

It was a long hard road.

My pregnancy was rough from the start. Sore bones and muscles etc... I found out at 16 weeks I was having twins. I couldn’t believe it! I already had 2 boys who were then 4 and 2. Then received a call from my OB saying they were sending me to a bigger more experienced hospital because they couldn't find the dividing membrane. The doc didn't make me feel good at all about this pregnancy!

So I had my first appt at the "better" hospital at 18 weeks gestation and was informed there was no dividing membrane and I was having monoamniotic (mo-mo) twins! They told me then that they were both female. Doctors told me to rest, do as little as possible and to be easy on myself and that I would be hospitalized at 28 weeks gestation to be watched till they were born. If not born by 34 weeks they would take them via c-section because it would be too dangerous to stay in any longer.

Two days before they were born there was a major heart rate drop in baby B's heart rate so I was put on complete bed rest and 24 hour monitoring. Two days later they decided it was time for them to meet mommy and daddy! They were born in the early morning hours... weighing in at 4lbs 2oz and 3lbs 10oz. They were in incubators and on IV’s. The IV’s were out within 24 hours as they took right to their bottles (which they still eat like lil pigs now! lol)! They were out of incubators within the first week! The girls weren't released for about a month in a half due to issues with sleep apnea. We thought for sure we would have to go home with heart monitors and oxygen, but just as they were about to do more tests and give us training on them, the girls decided they were gonna grow out of it and we got to go home with just our beautiful precious babies! It was rough and scary, but they were SOOOO worth it!


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Mar 08, 2012
The long journey
by: Anonymous

Read about Our Long Journey

I am sure you feel the same way!!! Congrats on your beautiful girls!!!

Mar 07, 2012
Our Monoamniotic Girls
by: Anonymous

I, too, had mo-mo identical twin girls - who I am proud to say are now 15, extremely healthy, and very smart. But the path to bring them into this world was an extreme emotional rollercoaster. Doctors gave no positive information to help us through this pregnancy. All the case studies were terrifying. We actually had 2-3 appointments to abort, and then decided against it each time. We were told that bed rest would be useless, because the babies will move whether you are laying still or moving around, and that they could look perfectly healthy in the doctor's office, and as soon as I leave, they could cut off their lifeline and die that quick. We decided to say our prayers, continue the pregnancy and live our life - putting everything in God's hands. I worked until three weeks before they were born at 34 weeks via c-section, because Baby B was was showing signs of her cord being compressed - via sleeping on the cord or a KNOT! I kept a journal of our terrifying experience, that I will only share with my daughters if they are ever in a similar situation.
We are happy to say they were born weighing 5-1 and 4-6 - but their umbilical cords were knotted and braided - we were truly lucky. Our fairly young doctor said we hit the jackpot and he will never see another pregnancy like this again because of its rarity.

We had so many other issues to deal with during this time - the babies could have had Downs Syndrome, because my sister was Downs and I could have had the gene; I had a two-year-old daughter at the time which took up a lot of time, my husband lost his job, our marriage was struggling because of the stress, and our babies could have been born severely premature, or one or both could have died or remained hospitalized for a long time. We were very lucky, but we realize that other families aren't as lucky. Our prayers to everyone with this type of pregnancy; live your life, forget about bed rest if you are otherwise very healthy, and pray (we are not that religious, but the power of pray is beautiful).

Jan 09, 2012
by: Elida


1st of all congrats! baby girls are beautiful, gb :). My identical boys are di-di twins, different sacs same placenta. Being preg w twins was very difficult. So i understand everything u went through. Its a rocky road, but at the end its all worth it. Congrats once again, and god bless u n urs.


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