My Amazing Story

by Jordan
(Sacramento California)

Hi my name is Jordan and I'm 28 weeks pregnant with twin baby girls (fraternal).

When i was 5 weeks pregnant i went to my doctor. I just knew i was pregnant but i wanted to confirm. My husband waited outside because he was more worried than I was. When they called my name i was so nervous like a school girl about doing a test. When I went in the ultrasound technician said she had 3 women with triplets in here I wonder what your having. I said twins and we both laughed. Then my doctor put the gel on my tummy and started probing around. Then she got a devilish grin on her face and went hmmph. I said to myself that cant be good but what is it.Then she asked if my husband was there I said yes and she went out to call him. I mouthed to him i have no idea. Then she told both of us that were having twins! My first reaction was no way then i just started laughing. On the screen were very well two different sacs and a distinguish line.
I was so excited worried and confused. The first thing i asked my husband was how big I was gonna get. Well the first two trimesters went by scott free I'm just hoping the third is the same and my babies are born perfectly healthy.

We decided on the names Serene Tamia Charles and Serenity Taylor Charles I hope god guides us to have the best life for us and all you other pregnant mamas out there, my EDD is 2/11/13

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