My Birth Story

by Colleen
(Queens NY)

Premature Twins born via a Cesarean Section at 29 Weeks

Colleen’s twin birth story...

Hi everyone my name is Colleen. I had boy/girl twins at 29weeks. I had my baby shower on Dec 4th thinking, oh the babies might come in Jan lets have it early. Then on the 5th I went pee and green stuff came out, I said I need to go to the hospital. The next morning I went they did a sono put the speculum in me and fingers and I was 2cm, and was for sure having contractions and didn’t even know it. If I didn’t go to the hospital I don’t know what could have happen.

I was put on magnesium to stop the contractions, I puked the loading dose I had to take some nasty pills, and since I can’t swallow big pills I had to chew them, not fun. I got 2 steroid shots to make their lungs speed up and was on bedrest. On Wednesday they took me off bedrest and off magnesium, I was happy because I could finally eat, I couldn’t eat for 3 days.

I was walking around going to the bathroom I was on a contraction monitor and was having contractions, but didn’t feel them. I told them it wasn’t a good idea for me to go off bedrest since they said I was still contracting but they did it anyway. On Friday I felt like I had to poop but couldn’t so they gave me meds to help me, it didn’t work and the contractions came more. I begged them to check me they said oh no it’s nothing, you’re just contracting on and off. This was in the morning so I buzzed the nurse at 6pm and said you need to check me now, I was crying and begging so they did. I was 5cm they sent me back to LND, I was put on magnesium again and they checked me an hour later, I was at 7cm. I think if I didn’t beg and cry I would have had the babies in the bed.

My water broke about 2 hrs after they took me to LND the 10th, Friday at 9pm and they did a c-section and my babies were born Haylee at 10:40pm weighing 2lbs 6oz she was always head down, she was pushing that’s why my water broke. Jayden 10:42pm weighing 2lbs 8oz he was breech his head in 1 rib feet in the other.

They were bought to the NICU I didn’t get to see them till the next morning. When I first saw them I cried it was hard seeing them with tubes on them and stuff, I felt like it was my fault it happened. I never thought I could go through with the birth I hate needles and I was stuck over a million times got the epidural and believe it or not I didn’t even feel it.

On the 13th they took my staples out and my c section opened a lil so I had to have a nurse pack it at home with gauze, it is healed now. I went up to the hospital everyday when I was supposed to be home resting just to see my babies they stayed in the hospital for 6 weeks and came home on Jan 21st.

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Oct 27, 2014
welcome to the world of preterm
by: Anonymous

Our stories are same but I lost one of my twins son.congrats my dear

Apr 29, 2011
by: Raina

your story is so similar to mine! thats crazy!

Apr 28, 2011
How is everything going?
by: Anonymous

I hope everything is going well for you and your twin babies now.

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