My First Pregnancy and it's Identical Twins

by Hot Mess

Hello, I’m 27 years old and this is my first pregnancy and guess what it’s identical twins mono/di (monochorionic, diamnionic twins). Here’s a little bit of information about myself. I am in good shape, no medical issues, I am 5 ft 8 inches tall, and weighed 130 lbs before my pregnancy. I actually had a good first trimester. I never threw up, I barely had any morning sickness or tiredness, and for the most part I felt fine. I was working full time in a pretty physical and sometimes stressful job at the hospital. Then at about 20/21 weeks it all went downhill.

My second trimester was horrible. I started to have these fainting episodes and I had to stop working. I tried to go back to work but within the first hour I almost fainted 3x. The first time I fainted I hit the floor. They sent me to triage and did a lot of tests and everything came out normal. I even saw a cardiologist because these fainting episodes continued. I couldn’t do anything outside the house. I couldn’t even walk my dog or go to the store; they were so bad.

First I would get really hot then sweaty, clammy, and sometimes nauseous like I was going to throw up. It felt like I was going into shock like I wasn’t getting enough oxygen. I would start to hyperventilate. Once this would happen I would have about 30 seconds to lie down and cool off as fast as I could in order to prevent myself from fainting. My favorite place was to lay down on the tile floor and have an ice pack on my chest/ neck with ice water next to me; since I was always at home I would also strip down too. Even lying around my house I was still experiencing these episodes 2 to 5 times a day. This went on until about week 25.

The doctors said it was probably all the hormones fluctuating, such as, progesterone can act as a vasodilator and can cause fainting when getting up to fast. But, they never could really find an answer as to why they were so bad. On top of that I was experiencing horrible rib, hip, pelvic, and back pain to the point that some days I almost couldn’t walk. I would have shooting pain down my left leg all the time (sciatica). I also started having nose bleeds, nasal congestion, shortness of breath (SOB), and indigestion. I could not stand for more than 15 minutes or get comfortable for the life of me. Overall, I was falling apart between weeks 20-25.

Thank goodness that these symptoms started to subside around 25/26 weeks. By 27 weeks I started to feel somewhat normal. I know that most women complain that their third trimester is horrible but mine was like a god send. I still had the normal discomforts of pregnancy but my second trimester was so bad that I am enjoying my third trimester. I am so happy that I can go out and do some light errands.

The fainting and nose bleeds have stopped completely. The aches and pains are a lot less intense. I have gained 42 lbs so far, I am currently 31 weeks, and feeling good. The babies are growing right on track and doing great. We even did some genetic testing and they came out negative. Sorry, for the long post I just had to vent and I noticed that I couldn’t find any posts that where similar to my situation.

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