My pregnancy with Mo-Mo twins

by Anna
(Louisville KY)

I found out I was pregnant at four weeks and then had a suspicion I might be pregnant with twins so I asked my doctor to do an early ultrasound. I was on the medication clomid for infertility. It turns out the medicine did not create our twins, we ended up conceiving identical twins all on our own. But, as soon as we discovered the news we were rushed off to the Maternal fetal medicine specialists because there was a concern that our twins are conjoined. They have not confirmed or denied that they are but I believe with all my heart they are not because of two separate ultra sounds taken the same day by two different offices that show the babies floating separately. The only thing that we do have to worry about now is that they are MO-MO twins. I have listened to our Doctor about the risks and have done some research online that shows that the survival rate has increased dramatically over the years. But I want to hear stories from other moms out there about their MO-MO twins and how their pregnancy went, delivery, and health of the babies? I know we have a long road ahead of us at only 10 weeks now.

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