My Tips For Newborn Twins

by Helen Hawkey

*Here are some great tips for coping with newborn twins from a mom of twins.*

Only tips I have is no matter what keep their feeds together. If one wakes for a bottle then wake the other because if they get outta sync and go on opposites, for bottles is a nightmare. No matter what goes on routine is a biggie, even more so with two.

Never turn down offers of help and take every opportunity to sleep when they do.

Being a mum to twins is hard work but so rewarding. To have a single baby you burst with pride, to hold twins you really do feel like the luckiest women ever.

They bring their own uniqueness too, like when they cuddle each other, suck or hold each other’s hands.

Being a mum to twins is the best x

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Feeding Schedules
by: Anonymous

My daughter had twins last November. I am watching them now while she works. Its easy to say keep them on same schedule but in our case it just don't work out. Try waking up a baby and making them eat when there not ready. Better to feed separately. To hectic to try at same time. My daughters husband takes turns getting up with them. She takes one night he the next. That way they get good sleep every other night. They will be five months in two days. One sleeps thru night and other smaller twin gets up once. So it does get easier as time goes by.

by: Fiona

I'm a recently loan parent with newborn twin boys I'm wondering can anybody out there in the same situation as me give me some advice on there feeds. I'm reading all comments people have wrote and they say keeping there feeds at the same time is so important. Im wondering why?? I cant do that as I am a loan parent and hav to feed them at diff times all the time.

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