My Twin Pregnancy Part 2

So I haven’t uploaded my twin pregnancy week to week progress for a while, I have been sooo bloody sore with SPD. Mega sore hips and pelvic bone which has been a nightmare, just picking the kids up from school is a mission and from just simple everyday tasks I become exhausted. Anyway here are updates from my twin pregnancy from week 15.

Week 15 of My Twin Pregnancy

My morning sickness seems to be getting better and better which I’m pretty relieved about… My last twin pregnancy was a bit different in the sense I had morning sickness from begin to end just about.

Week 16 - 19 of My Twin Pregnancy

I have bundled these weeks together because they are basically all the same… All I can talk about is PAIN all I can think about is PAIN, I can barely walk, I’m having bath after bath and hubby has been pretty busy with work. He does give me a massage occasionally just wish it was every day. I’m sleeping on the couch at the moment as our bed is way too uncomfortable, I really need to buy a mattress topper or new bed!

Probably going to an osteopath would help too but it’s the getting there I am dreading and to be honest my thought is… will it really help or is it more going to help just for that day and maybe the next? Has anyone else had this problem? What did you do?

Feeling Scared.....

The other thing is apart from the feeling excited to meet my little babies I feel really scared… I mean this was an unplanned pregnancy. I knew if I was to be pregnant again I would have twins again, throughout other articles in my website I talk about being prepared and honestly I was with both my other pregnancies, but this one is different, I have nothing prepared at all. I say it’s because I’m really sore all the time, which is partly true, though the main reason really is that I’m scare and still in a state of shock. I haven’t even got a crib, clothes, I haven’t started stocking up on diapers and all the other things baby related.

Preparing for my babies is… was one of my favorite parts of being pregnant. Family members have given me a few things and I haven’t even looked through it yet which has never happened.

I just need to get my head straight and start to focus on one thing at a time… much harder than I anticipate. I have good days or should I say a good few hours during a day where things seem clear and I start to prioritize in my head and then I get too tired and it’s gone again. So I mainly try to focus on just day to day and think of my babies and how excited I am to meet them.

Week 20 of My Twin Pregnancy

So I thought I was having a scan this week but there was a mix up partly my baby brain and I have actually missed my appointment.

Week 21 of My Twin Pregnancy

This week is my son’s birthday, he’s turning 10, the big double digits. He wants a party at home which essentially means a lot more organizing than it would be at an amusement park for instance. I am very excited for him and I can’t believe time has gone by so fast. I am also a cake maker so all my kids pretty much have high expectations when it comes to the cake. This year he wants an M&M cake, which is cool but my belly is starting to really get in the way, in the end I managed to make his cake and even if I do say so myself... it looks pretty awesome!

Appointment with my OB … my sister came with me and she really didn’t make me feel comfortable at all… for starters she was so anger I missed my ultrasound appointment

Week 22 of My Twin Pregnancy

So this week I have done absolutely nothing… and I mean that in the true sense of it. I have been resting in bed watching movies and sleeping, I can’t believe one birthday party has knocked me on my feet this much. This has to be the hardest pregnancy yet… Have I said that already?? Well if I haven’t I definitely know I will be saying it again!

I can’t believe it I’m not in as much pain anymore, pretty sure it’s to do with not doing anything all week.

Anatomy Ultrasound at Week 22

Twin 1
Twin 2

Finally... finally I’ve had my anatomy ultrasound… OMGosh!!!! PAIN!!! It was so painful to be laying there for so long I was almost crying but at least I know my babies are doing really well, have strong heart beats and are extremely wriggly, which by the way is the reason it took even longer than usual.

We have decided not to find out the sex of the twins yet… We are going to have a reveal twin baby shower and because of the time of year I am due I’ve decided to have the baby shower next week which my mom and sister are organizing. Ok Ok I confess we are partly having the baby shower earlier because my husband and I cannot wait to find out what we are having.

Week 23 of My Twin Pregnancy

Twin Belly Shot!!! My first one would you believe...

As you have read from the previous weeks it has been filled with sickness and/or pain...

So I have finally got around to taking a photo... And not a very good one at that...But here it is anyway

Far out I feel so humongous!

But the photo doesn't do it justice... I mean to the way I feel...

23 Weeks with Twins

Yip it's confirmed... doing nothing all last week is the reason my hips and pelvic bone didn't hurt nearly as much as before. I’ve been more active this week and the pain is returning so does this mean I should just be on bed rest?

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