My Twin Pregnancy... Again!

My twin pregnancy journey begins right here... AGAIN!!

Yes I am pregnant for the second time with twins. So for us that's five little darlings in 3 pregnancies! Follow my experience week by week, while I share all my tears and joys over the next few months.

I suspected I was pregnant very early, you know, that feeling you get even if you not running late in your cycle. I needed to pee all the time was my very first sign. My husband and I were away for the weekend and I don’t know how many times we needed to stop for a toilet brake along the way.

So after we arrived we were just about to get a few drinks and relax in the hotel, it was a kid free weekend. I said to him “I think I should get a pregnancy test, I think I might me pregnant”. He was trying to hold back his excitement though every month I think I’m pregnant. I was nervous knowing that I was and we weren’t exactly trying as I had a fear of having twins again because that would mean we would have 5… obviously the pregnancy test came back with a very prominent positive, that’s the moment I thought OMGosh I’m having twins… AGAIN!!!

My husband always wanted 3 babies and I wanted 2 so when I found out we were having twins the first time round it worked out perfectly. From want 2 - 3 kids to now having 5 is still a bit of a shock... Actually it's a total shock and I'm freaking out!

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 Week 6 of My Twin Pregnancy

Twin A

Twin A

Twin B

Twin B

I went in for a dating ultrasound to be sure how many weeks I was, and I was a bit earlier than I though, only 6 weeks. Once again, as last time, I saw two little pouches straight away... and once again hubby had no idea what he was looking at. His first reaction was shock and said 'But we already have twins...' It's a funny comment but to be honest I was thinking the same thing :-)

Because they were so tiny I had to have an internal ultrasound especially because Twin B seemed to be tucked away a little and was hard to measure. As you can see they just looked like fuzzy bits on the screen. I swear they have changed their ultrasound machines because it just didn’t seem as clear as it did with both of my other two pregnancies.

Pretty much after this I started to feel very ill, as most of us know the phrase Morning Sickness means absolutely nothing... I had what i like to call A.D.E.S also known as 'All Day Everyday Sickness'. It was terrible everything made me feel sick and still feel sick sometimes now at 13 almost 14 weeks.

Week 8 – 9 of My Twin Pregnancy


Still freaking out crying all the time and feeling overwhelmed, I have already started to get sore hips and pelvis (known as SPD or PGP) which I did get in both my other pregnancies but not this early. So yet another worry I have is what am I going to be like when I'm further along in my twin pregnancy?

Week 10 – 11 of My Twin Pregnancy

Still trying to come to terms with ha ving twins again. Talking with my midwife about all the extra ultrasounds I will need and appointments with the OBGYN, stunned much? I haven't even thought about starting to buy baby supplies yet, though I think I will wait until after my 12th week scan.

I’ve noticed if I try to do too much… and that’s not a lot, it can be just doing some laundry and preparing dinner… My hips get sooo very sore. It’s starting to really depress me I mean I can’t even do simple things without feeling pain, sick, headaches or a mixture of symptoms, it’s really starting to drive me nuts!

So all I can do is rest but not too much otherwise I get a headache and other aches… I’ve just got to balance it which feels near impossible as every day is different and what works one day doesn’t work the next. Seems like I just can’t win at the moment… I figure maybe I’m too old at almost ummm… 30 something ;-)

Ok Ok that’s enough of feeling sorry for myself I am truly happy to be pregnant with twins and when they arrive I will only feel the joy of my two… Something my other half constantly reminds me as I know it’s true but I just don’t particularly like being pregnant. I do however love the feeling of my babies move inside me which I am happy to say I have started to feel little flutters already… YAY!!

Week 12 of My Twin Pregnancy

12 Week Twins

Ultrasound day at 12 weeks 1 day, this has to be one of the scans I love and hate… Love seeing my babes moving and seeing their heart beats but hate because of the fear… Are they healthy? They measure the fluid at the back of the neck to determine the risk of downs syndrome which is combined with a blood test. So far at 13 weeks I have not had an appointment with my midwife so I am anticipating the results which I will get in a couple of weeks.

This week I have started to really pop out which is way earlier than with my other twins. I already cannot fit some of my clothes and being someone which goes to the gym regularly it’s really starting to weigh on my mind. It’s the sickness, SPD, headaches and tiredness that’s holding me back on even going for a walk. I feel like my stomach is going to be huge this time round, with my first twins it didn’t at all look like I was having two even at 38 weeks. So we will see how this one goes.

Man I feel like I’ve put on so much weight and I only weighed myself at my midwife appointment not by choice and I was very shocked. I’m so sure the scales are wrong but I can’t get myself to weigh myself again somewhere else just in case it’s right.

YAY!!! I did weigh myself again and I'm sooo happy to say the scales were WRONG!!! I do weigh less! Obviously a girl never revels her weight to the world ;-)

Week 13 of My Twin Pregnancy

Stomach is really popping!

I had a total melt down today at 13 weeks 5 days… Basically making a mental list of all the things I have to do and all the things I fear we wouldn't be able to do. So I’m going to share it all with you and make like a check list for myself also deciding what is just down right ridiculous and need to stop thinking about… So here we go with my to do list and random thoughts:

  • We need a bigger house
  • Start buying baby gear... OMG there's so much to get!
  • Awesome our car is definitely big enough, but we won’t all fit in the company car anymore which means no more free gas :-(
  • We love going out for dinner with the family, are we still going to able to do that?
  • I'm hungry, but don't know what to eat.. EVER!!
  • Am I going to be able to spread the love around?
  • How is our dog going to be with our babies?
  • Seriously, crying because I haven't invented anything... I was watching the movie Joy... Literally laughing out loud! this is defiantly one of those ridiculous moments
  • Crying Crying CRYING over everything... Emotions are so high or maybe it's the hormones?
  • Ouch!!! My HIPS HURT
  • I don't even know what to think right now..??????
  • I'm so up ad down at the moment 

Week 14 of My Twin Pregnancy

FINALLY.... I'm not feeling so sick anymore just with certain foods so I just don't eat those.

Today I also got my results back for the risk of downs-syndrome... and I'm happy to say they are both at low risk.

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