A Newborn Twins Checklist

Twin Gear

Preparing for a newborn twins checklist? Here is some information to help you take some of the stress out of getting ready for twin babies.

There is so much gear a baby needs, let alone twins, so why not start preparing early during your pregnancy. Get the necessities for newborns and save all that other stuff like high chairs and feeding utensils for later. Spreading the cost over time will be less overwhelming, and it's also a good idea to start early while you have the energy to get things done.

Newborn Twins Checklist

Making a budget and bargain shopping is a great way to start. Here is the list for newborn twins - Essentials, and a few extras, twin baby gear needed for their homecoming:

Clothing Twins
12 - 14 One piece sleep suits and/or gowns
12 - 14 One piece under shirts
8 - 12 Pairs of socks and/or booties
6 - 8 Sweaters/jackets (especially in winter)
4 - 6 Hats and mitts

Sleeping Twins
2 Cribs or bassinets unless sharing
4 - 8 Sheets
4 - 8 Receiving blankets
2 - 4 Blankets for winter
Baby monitor
2 - 4 Sleeping bags
Mobile or sleep time music

Feeding Twins
Twin nursing pillow
8 - 12 bottles if bottle feeding
Bottle sterilizer
2 - 4 Cans of formula (if bottle feeding)
8 - 10 Burp cloths
1 Bottle brush
4 - 6 Bibs
Double breast pump and accessories
Bottle warmer
Boppy pillow

Bathing Twins
Baby bath and/or bath supports
4 - 6 Bath towels
4 - 6 Washcloths
Baby wash
Baby lotion
Cotton swabs

Changing Twins
Diapers - about 100 per week (disposable)
2 - 4 Baby wipes
Diaper rash ointment
Changing table or changing mats

Outings with Twins
2 Infant car seats
Double stroller
Diaper bag
Travel Twins Bassinet Pack 'N Play with twin bassinet

Twin Baby Care
Baby Thermometer
Nail clippers/scissors
Medicine dropper/syringe
Infants Tylenol, For fever

First Aid Kit for Babies
Baby Crib Safety

Awake Time
2 Baby bouncers or swings
A play mat and gym

Other useful things for twins
Daily log book or Pocket Nanny By Itzbeen Baby Care Timer
Baby hair brush
Night light

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