by Allison
(Boston , Ma)

I prayed for twins but I didn't think it would happen. When I found out i was pregnant a few weeks into the pregnancy (week 5-6) i started to look up everything twins i.e ultrasound videos, surprise twin pregnancies etc. My husband saw me doing this and asked me why do you keep looking up twins? I said "I don't know I just have this feeling" and he looked at me strangely and walked away. Week 7 I was having pains in my left side like I had a cyst and i called my OB's office and was directed to the ultrasound clinic where I routinely would receive ultrasounds during a normal pregnancy. My daughter and my son accompanied me. When the tech came in and started the exam i didn't see two sacs on the screen so I said to myself disappointingly "it's not twins". A few minutes into the exam the tech said "I think we are gonna have to do and internal exam because I think you’re having twins!" As she scanned my belly me and my daughter saw two separate little beans! OMG!! for real! and I sat up quickly and hugged my daughter as she cried!!!! AMAZING THAT GOD ANSWERED MY PRAYERS!!!!

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Jul 21, 2013
Twins? Maybe, maybe not.
by: Skie

Congratulations how very exciting for you and your family!
I prayed to God for twins, only in my heart. Never actually spoke it but he knew what I wanted. He does tell us to co fess with our mouth and believe in our our heart. Maybe I will have twins I am 6 wks and 2 days. My first ultra sound is in 2 days from today I will see. I haven't had any children yet I am married for 2 years this month! What a great anniversary gift haha a child. Maybe two!

I had a dream I will have twins.
My sister had a dream I will have twins.
This girl I teach randomly said to me "if you have a baby will you bring her with you to girls brigade so we can all see. Oh.. Bring both of them because you'll probably have 2!" I started crying knowing that God can speak through anyone even an 8 year old girl. My husband would love twins his been thinking so much about a baby's life what we have to do and prepare for. I'm thinking about the baby growing now and things haha: what a lovely story you shared Allison thank you. It's greatly encouraging. Skie 22yrs.

Dec 04, 2012
by: Anonymous

Hi Allison Congratulations!! I have 3 1/2 year old twin girls. It is so much fun!!

Congratulations again!

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