OMG !!! Twins ?? Are you sure???

by Jessica Oliva

16 wk identical twis :)

16 wk identical twis :)

I went in for my first ultrasound at 16 wks hoping I would be able to find out if I was having a boy or girl, seeing how this is my second pregnancy. But as the tech started the ultra sound she asked me if I had a sonogram yet. I looked at her and said no, she then replied "well you have two babies in there". I looked at her and said "HUH?!?!..NO THERE IS JUST ONE RIGHT ?!?". She looked at me and said "NO sweetie you have two and they are identical".

Needless to say I was in total shock, only because my son is only 9 months old lol. But we are excited and ready to find out the sex. I'm hoping for girls :)

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by: Anonymous

children are always a gift of God and if you have twins it means a gift of God will be double i have a twin child and i know the excitement when you know that you have twins

all giggles
by: peggy j.

Well, I'm 10weeks& had my first sonogram four days ago. Had Doppler,after a little moving around she stated two sacs,two placentas,youre having twins, all, I could do was crack up laughing,. Seriously thought she was joking!! I already have an 18 yr old son so this should be interesting!!!

Thank you
by: Jessica Oliva

Wow thats crazy ... thank you ... yes they are truly blessings :)

by: Elida


I went through the same thing. My daughter was 7mths when i found out i was preg again. I also have a 6yo son. I really didnt want another one, but wasnt avoiding it either. I went in depression for a while. Just when I was getting to the fact that I was preg again, I go in for my first u.s and find out I was having twins. OMG! I went into a state of shock for a while, couldn't believe it through out half the pregnancy. It was an unbelievable experience. My identical twin boys are now going on 8mths. As crazy as it was, I know I am truly blessed.

Congrats on urs :-)

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