Pain Under Ribs

Rib pain when having twins

I am 26 weeks pregnant with twins, and every time I lay on my left side and most times when I'm on my right side I get this pain underneath my ribs? Its only when I lay down though? Anyone know what it is or why? I don't think it's the babies because they would hurt my ribs more when I'm sitting up and not stretched out. Any ideas on what this could be? Thanks.

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Oct 01, 2011
Good luck
by: E

Good luck with your twin pregnancy and getting through the discomfort. I am 34 wks with b/g twins who are both lying transverse (or sideways). As you can imagine, that makes things even more uncomfortable. All in all, though, my pregnancy has gone really well and I am blessed that I will be welcoming them soon.

Sep 28, 2011
by: Anonymous

Hmmm... Thanks for the suggestions! I will have to tell my doctor and see what she says. I hope it?s not a cracked rib or anything... I think I would feel the pain when I'm sitting up too... its only when I'm lying down.

Sep 26, 2011
i had that also
by: Anonymous

I feel your pain hunny, I had that pain. Mine acctually turned out to be a cracked rib due to the position of twin two kicking me, oh the joys of a multiple pregnancy eh. Have you tried paracetamol, not much else you can take really, best wishes, xxx

Sep 26, 2011
the same
by: mary supermum barton

I had that, turned out it was my babies foot. As my pregnancy got longer it happened a lot more as they were bigger. Sometimes they used to move my boob by stretching out lol, it might be different but that's what i had x

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