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Also have a look here Twin Pregnancy Frequently Ask Questions this may be helpful to you. Maybe you have a question about breastfeeding here are some FAQs about Nursing Twins

Pregnant with Twins

Pregnant with Twins

Being pregnant with multiples is everything from exciting to nerve racking from complications to discomforts.

We all need some support and advice from time to time. And what better place to get advice than from here.

A community of moms coming together to help each other with questions and answers from pregnancy to birthing twins. ~ Moms helping Moms ~
Dads of twins included as well as friends, mothers and fathers, Aunts and Uncles. It's not just pregnant mothers who want or need some answers, so ask till your hearts content.

Do you have a question about twin pregnancy or birth? This page has been especially created for all mothers, fathers, grandparents, cousins, friends...

So ask away, your question could even help other mothers who are pregnant with twins.
Or share your comments by posting helpful tips and advice.
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**Please note that all answers are based on personal experiences and should not be taken as actual medical advice**

About Me...

When I was pregnant I actually had no questions, strange I know. I think I was completely out of my mind, the hormones really changed how I thought and I had very bad morning sickness. My midwife was giving me a lot of information but it just wouldn't stick, like in one ear and out the other.

I think subconsciously I didn't want to know in the moment so I didn't stress about anything. It's the only thing I can think of as to why I wasn't so worried about TTTS. Which was defiantly a possibility for me, I was very closely watch throughout my pregnancy. There was even one point where they thought Chloe had stopped growing... But it turned out that there where wrong thank goodness.

Funnily enough after having my twin girls is when I everything came back to me realizing the facts of my pregnancy. I am very happy and lucky enough to have had an easy delivery with no complications.

Books About Twins

Also here are some great books about twins from pregnancy to parenting and even books just for children both twins and siblings of twins.There is even a section dedicated to all the dads of twins and a selection of informational DVD's

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8 Month Old Baby and Pregnant with Twins 
My husband and I found out a week ago we're expecting twins. We already have one son who will be 8 months old on the 26th. I should be around 8 weeks now …

Intercourse During Pregnancy 
My doctor advised not to have sex during pregnancy as I'm carrying twins and having sex would increase the chances of preterm labor.. But my spouse and …

Super Early Symptoms 2 weeks! 
I would just like to know if it is common to have extremely early symptoms with twins. Twins do run in my family on one side. I confirmed this pregnancy …

I'm about 7 weeks pregnant with twins I'm 27 and this is my 5th c-section when I was 6 weeks I went to the E.R because of a hernia they found only one …

Hi, I am currently 13+4 weeks pregnant and have been suffering from extreme pain at times. I was just wondering if this is normal in a twin pregnancy? …

Bleeding in Early Pregnancy 
I have continuously sporting in my twin pregnancy I'm worried that weather my babies are growing or not

Bleeding at 20 to 24 weeks 
My daughter in law is bleeding every few days. She is in her 24 week. The babies seem fine with normal heartbeats. What can be the cause?

Little Bleeding - Pregnant with Twins 
My wife is prganant with twins. In the event 13th week a little bleeding occured tell me my babies are safe and secure please reply

Due Dates 
Are all twins born on their due date or are they born early?

Different Sac Sizes 
Hi! I just found out yesterday that I'm going to have twins. I'm 6 weeks pregnant, and in the ultrasound it only shows a sac of 5 weeks 2 days and the …

Stomach Staying Tight  
Stomach is staying tight when stressed or when I do too much, what can I do to relax my belly or is there something I can do to relax a little better?

Hi, I'm 18 weeks pregnant with faternal twins. This is my 3rd pregnancy but my first multiple pregnancy. I felt my son kicking around this time but I …

How long does twin labour usually last for? 
Its my 2nd pregnancy and am 29 weeks now Hi I’m just really needing advice ladies as I am pregnant with twin girls, but very nervous for birth and …

Traveling while pregnant with twins 
Hello, I just started my second trimester and am pregnant with twins :) I am feeling absolutely fine and healthy, eating well, and am sleeping well …

When to cut back at work 
I'm 12wks pregnant with twins and am constantly tired and am wondering when to cut back at work (part time instead of full time). I also have a small …

One Twin has a Low Heart Rate 
I just found out i was having twins last week... I'm still in OMG!!! Any way... one has a srtong heart beat 137.. and the other is 87. IM CONCERNED.. …

Low Placenta related issues for IVF Twin pregnancy 
Dear Moms / Dads for twins, We have completed 13 weeks of the journey involving IVF conceived Twins! God's grace - Touch wood! Though we had a relatively …

I am 12 weeks, work in a salon, basically on my feet all day. I am desperately trying to keep my adjusted schedule, 2 days in & still on My feet all day, …

Pelvic Discomfort 
Hello all! I am currently 16 weeks pregnant with twins (fraternal). It is my first pregnancy, and even though I thought I had an idea of what to expect, …

Pre-term Birth with Twins 
Hi! I am currently almost 22 weeks pregnant, and I am most worried about my twins being born too early... Are there any stats on this?? What should …

Pain Under Ribs 
Rib pain when having twins I am 26 weeks pregnant with twins, and every time I lay on my left side and most times when I'm on my right side I get …

8wks with fraternal twins 
When do I find out the sex of the baby ? I've been having morning sickness all day I don't feel like I'm eating much, is 'ensure' good for me to drink? …

Birthing Twins 
Twin Birthing question: for those who have had a natural birth for their twins, I just want to find out how did you prepare for it? And did it all go to …

Bleeding in early pregnancy 

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Has Anyone Had Monochorionic Twins 
** Identical Twins Who Share a Placenta ** I'm curious about my MoDi twins. Does anyone have any information or experience about the risks or simply …

Help with SPD in my Twin Pregnancy 
Needing some advice on what I believe to be SPD. I have been having continuous pain, tingling, and tightness (I can't really define it) from my pubic line …

Best time for mono/di twins delivery by LMP date Not rated yet
Hi I am pregnant with mono/di twins with ( one placenta and two amniotic sac) my LMP date was on 2 December 2016.then when I due my babies?

Nervous Mom of Twins Not rated yet
So I recently found out at 7 weeks that I’m going to be having twins. I was in shock so bad that I wasn’t really paying attention to what the doctor was …

Do you Think I am Having Twins Not rated yet
Hi all, Here is a pic of me pregnant. Could this be twins or just that it's my fourth pregnancy. Have had really bad nausea this time around with more …

subchorionic hemorrhage Not rated yet
I am 7 wks 3days pregnant with twins and had a subchorionic hemorrhage yesterday. Is this more common in twins? How worried should I be about a miscarriage …

Labor with Twins Not rated yet
Hi I am 19 years old and on my fourth pregnancy I am wandering if the labour would be quicker as I have gone through it before and also am getting Braxton …

Not showing Not rated yet
I will be twelve weeks tomorrow. This is my third pregnancy. I haven't gained any weight and am not showing at all. Is this normal? Comment from Charlene …

what are my chances of having different sex twins this time Not rated yet
Hi, I am a mother of two (fraternal twin girls). I am pregnant for the second time expecting twins. what are my chances of having same sex set? or will …

Sharing Amniotic Sac Not rated yet
Question: Do my twins have to share sacks to be identical? Answer From Charlene: No, identical twins don’t need to share an amniotic sac to be …

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