Raising Twins
Surviving the First Year

Raising twins during the first year…

Having two babies with no doubt is a challenge especially if you have other children. Even the most experience mommy can become very overwhelmed when having twins. With time you will soon become a super mom who can balance all that is involved in raising your children.

Having twins will come with changes for you as parents. When learning and adjusting with your new family life, the most important part is the love you will all share. Twins are amazing!

Here are a few things to help you understand a little about raising twins…

Having Twins

Prepare Early During Pregnancy

Whilst pregnant you can prepare early by getting their little twin nursery decorated, stocked up and ready to go.

There are classes you can take including New Baby and Breastfeeding classes.

Join your local multiple birth club as soon as twins have been discovered. From these clubs you can gain confidence that you can do it, support from other moms and dads of twins and lots of information. Often multiple birth clubs offer free stuff or great deals which you can only get through them. But it’s never too late if your two have arrive you can still join a club.

Preemie Twins

Since one in three twin pregnancies end prematurely one or both babies may have some time in the NICU. Sometimes one twin may stay in the NICU longer than the other, it all depends on when they meet their premature baby milestones and if their are any other medical concerns.

More information about Preemie Twins

Raising Twins Tips

Tips on how to survive the first year raising twins:

  • Take one day at a time. Try to relax and don’t sweat the small stuff.
  • Don’t worry about the house work. If you are just too tired ask for help or do it later.
  • Rest when you can. If breastfeeding, napping when you can will also help your milk production 
  • Ask for help when you need it. If you don’t have family around join your local multiple birth club for support. You can join a play group not specific to twins as well. I have heard of some play groups that have a babysitters club. You each look after each others kids and the best thing is you all know each other and become a family of sorts.
  • Take a break. If you need some time out even just to do the grocery shopping then take it whenever you can. Let someone babysit for a couple hours, you could even grab some lunch with a friend. Get some “Me Time” in, it’s very important and can aid with the onset of postpartum depression.
  • Enjoy your babies. Play and have fun with your twins they won’t stay babies for long. It’s amazing to see your twins start to interact with you and each other.
  • Grab a book. Having a great book about raising twins can be very helpful in guiding your through your twin journey.

Newborn Baby Care

~ Relax ~ Enjoy ~ Rest ~

Most of us will feel overwhelmed during the first few weeks at home with your babies here are some great Newborn Twin Tips

Twins Routine

You can start to establish the same routine for each baby with feeding and napping. It will take a bit of getting use to for both you and your twins.

By the time they are a bit older it will be much easier. Most doctors recommend mothers of twins to tandem feed their babies, whether it is bottle or breastfeeding. It is a huge time saver, will help keep them on the same schedule and allows you to have your well deserved – Me Time.

A happy mom is important for yourself and for your babies.

Tandem Nursing is possible though it will take a bit of coordination and practice. A good twin nursing pillow is a great tool in helping you manage breastfeeding your twins.

See more on Bottle Feeding Twins

Twin Health

Twin babies will share many things from bottles to toys, cribs to baths including germs. This means they will often be sick at the same time particularly when they a small babies and their immune system is low. It is important to use good hygiene practices especially when one twin is ill.

It will be difficult to completely contain contagious illnesses but with a bit of preparation you can lessen the chance of the other twin becoming sick. But don’t fret too much it is likely they will be sick at the same time at least some of the time.

Breastfeeding is something that will build a great immune system for your little ones.

More on General Health and Baby Twins

Twin Development

~ Smiling ~ Rolling ~ Crawling ~ Teething ~ Walking ~

Many parents of multiples wonder if twins develop at the same pace as single babies. Basically every baby is different, as are twins who will progress at their own individual rate. One thing that can delay baby milestones is premature birth. In this case an adjusted age is used to help track the development progress of preemie babies.

Raising Twins with Individuality

All babies will naturally develop their own sense of self, when it comes to twins people will often see them as a unit. We as parents can help encourage individuality from a the moment they are born. Simple things like calling them by name and not referring to them as the twins.

Raising Twins:
Twins and Individuality ~

Twin Babies

When raising twins, we will all get those silly twin questions and comments from strangers when we are out and about. A comment I get very often is – How do you do it? – But the reality is that many parents of twins believe twins can be much easier than single children. They will always have someone to play with, and often sleep through the night earlier, especially if they sleep together or even just being in the same room.

Twins will always have companionship.

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