Tandem Nursing Twins Videos

Here are some great informational videos for tandem nursing twins, by moms of twins.

Breastfeeding two babies can be tricky, there a different positions you can hold your babies to tandem feed.

The Perfect Position

There are three general positions which include:

  • Double Clutch Hold also known as the Football Hold
  • The Double Cradle Hold
  • Cradle or Clutch Hold

So take a peek at the videos here first and then click through for even more information on nursing at the same time below.

You can see some examples including instructional photos
Nursing Twins at the Same Time

You may now wonder how you can actually set yourself up for breastfeeding your twins. To be very organized you will need to have everything at arm’s reach. Most twin mommies will have these things at the ready when nursing their twins:

  • A twin nursing pillow and/or a smaller support pillows
  • Spit up towel or cloth
  • A couple of bibs
  • A bottle of water for mom
  • Phone and TV remote

How to Tandem Nurse Twins

Take a look at these twin moms and their nursing twins videos. They both have a slightly different way of doing things. You can try them out and see which one best suits you. After watching these videos it may give you some direction into your own style of nursing twins at the same time.

How to breastfeed when you have no one around to help out:

Tandem Bottle Feeding

Bottle feeding your twins? Here are some great positions to try:

You can also use two bouncers while sitting in between each baby or in front, you can then hold their bottles.

Eventually they will be able to hold their bottles which will make it a really easy task, but you may miss that bonding time with your infants. You could alternate holding each little baby for some one on one time, once they can hold their bottle. That way they can feed themselves and you get to have cuddles with each of your babies.

Watch this: one twin mom's experience with nursing her twin babies

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