Tips 0-3 Months for Colic Babies

by Sheena

This is what worked for me with one colicky twin. I have twin girls now three months adjusted.

The first weeks and months the 5 s' from the book happiest baby on the block worked (shh, soother, swaddle, swing, side/stomach). In combination with this I used the sound of running water and Dr. brown bottles. I also used Ovol as needed for gas.

As the girls got older swaddling had less of an affect. Now I use the hood fan to calm them down.

We have a night-time routine now which is bath, lotion, change clothes, say goodnight and then feed and sleep. I use soap every second day and only wash hair with soap once a week to avoid cradle cap. The girls are asleep within 15 minutes after the routine. I plan to cut out one night-time feed soon and make the transfer to the crib by month 5.

I give ovol every night right before the last feed. I use side to side swings for the first long stretch of sleep (four hours) then we co-sleep the rest of the night. Girls feed every three hours. I still use soothers and one twin likes to hug a Binkie. Oh and I switched formula from similac to good start, my doctor said good start ready to feed is easier to digest than any other formula, and it worked like a charm.

These are just some tips aside from the obvious "keep them on and schedule and ask for help."

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