Totally unexpected - Twins!

by Stephanie
(Bellingham, WA, USA)

Indentical twins - 9wks

Indentical twins - 9wks

I was 9 wks pregnant but was having a lot of symptoms, I was sick 24/7, everything hurt, and I was utterly exhausted. We went into the U/S room and within seconds the doctor asked my husband if he was sitting down. As this was our 2nd pregnancy, my husband said he was fine, he's seen a baby ultrasound before.

Then the doctor asked, "Well are you ready for the big news?"

And I responded, "It's twins, isn't it?"

He looked shocked and said that it was. Then he asked how I knew. I pointed to my 3yo son and informed the doctor that my son had been telling me since the day we found out I was pregnant, that we were going to have 2 babies.

Anyways, we got the pictures, broke the news to everyone, and I am both anxious and excited about my little identical twins to be!

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