Triple Stroller

Triple Stroller for: Triplets or Twins + One

Instantly many will think a stroller for three is for triplets but that’s not the case. Yes if you have triplets then you will need a stroller to accommodate them but they are also for twins and a toddler or toddler twins and a newborn baby. I have searched around for some awesome strollers made for three.

Keep in mind the more you want to transport the heavier or trickier it is going to be. In saying that it doesn't mean every outing is going to be a complete struggle.

Stand on Triple Stroller

Joovy Big Caboose Stand-On Triple Stroller
Rating: 3.5 Star Rating

This may look like a twin stroller but it is a triple, it has two seats and a stand board. This stroller is perfect for either baby twins and a toddler or twin toddlers and newborn baby. Both seats come with universal car seat adapters which accepts major brands.

VIEW PRODUCT: Joovy Big Caboose Stand-On Triple Stroller

Twin Stroller Converted to a Triple

Valco Baby Special Edition Tri-Mode Twin EX Stroller
Rating: 4.5 Star Rating

OK now this is definitely a double stroller but it can be converted to a triple and it has a pretty good star rating. This is a great stroller if you have twins and are expecting another of if you are planning on having another baby. Then you can just buy the extra bits later.

This is a great alternative to a stroller for three.

VIEW PRODUCT: Valco Baby Special Edition Tri-Mode Twin EX Stroller

All you need to convert this twin stroller into a triple is the Valco Baby Twin Tri Mode Joey Toddler Seat. You can also get a canopy for the third seat too, as an extra.

Trio Tandem Stroller

Foundations Trio Sport Tandem Stroller
Rating: 4 Star Rating

A tandem can also come with three seats including storage and canopies. Of course the long the stroller the trickier it is to push but one mom has said if she puts the children in weight order (heaviest at the back and lightest in the front) she found it a lot easier to push.

VIEW PRODUCT: Foundations Trio Sport Tandem Stroller

Triple Jogging Stroller

BeBeLove USA Triple Jogging Stroller
Rating: 2.5 Star Rating

There is even a triple jogging stroller which has fixed wheels and aired tires which help with pushing it, all terrain type with hand and foot brakes.

Even with a Low Rating - This Mom Loves Her Jogger

I know this stroller has a low rating but a mom of three has said she loves distant running and found this stroller to be the perfect one for her, and she personally recommends this jogging stroller as the best for three children. Read more of her review at the link below.

VIEW PRODUCT: BeBeLove USA Triple Jogging Stroller

So which ever stroller you choose I hope its the right one for you and your family. I originally choose the wrong one for me, but that was OK I just sold it and bought another style, which was perfect.

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