Twin Baby Names

When deciding on twin baby names there are many creative strategies parents use to help them in choosing the perfect names. Things like anagrams, themes, style among others.

On the other hand many others will just pick two names at random with no agenda of matching them up or using other tactics, they pick them out just because they love the names individually.

Choosing a special name for each baby is exciting and you're so lucky, most people only get to choose one and you have the awesome job of picking out two.

Of course naming two can also be difficult, I mean choosing two first and middle names can be a big task. Especially when deciding together you could say it's double the decisions and double the disagreements.

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Naming Our Girls

When my husband and I were tossing names around we actually decided on Emma straight away, I have always liked that name. Chloe came in time, sometimes just forgetting about it for a while helped, that way we could start afresh. Also, as many of us know, we get stuck on a few names that just don't feel right but we cant get them out of our head.

I think the worst part of choosing a name for anyone is the fact that your friends and family will have an opinion about it, and not always good. They try to convince you to name them something completely different or something you had never considered. Like with my son, Tyler, a couple of people turned their noses up at it and said "Tyler, hmmm... How about Taylor". We liked Tyler and stuck with that.

The funny thing is once your babies are born and have been named its basically who they are and after a while people don't have much thought on the name it self but rather the person they are.

Top 10 Twin Baby Names 2011

Here are the Top 10 most popular twin baby names for 2011 in the U.S, each including the most common boy/boy, girl/girl and boy/girl combinations of twins.

Rank Boy Girl Twins Girl Girl Twins Boy Boy Twins
1. Madison, Mason Olivia, Sophia Daniel, David
2. Olivia, Owen Gabriella, Isabella Jacob, Joshua
3. Jayda, Jayden Ella, Emma Isaac, Isaiah
4. Emma, Ethan Faith & Hope Jayden, Jordan
5. Isabella, Isaiah Makayla, Makenzie Ethan, Evan
6. Addison, Aiden Heaven, Nevaeh Elijah, Isaiah
7. Emily, Ethan Isabella, Sophia Matthew, Michael
8. Aiden, Ava Mackenzie, Madison Jayden, Jaylen
9. Ella, Ethan Hailey, Hannah Ethan, Nathan
10. Jada, Jaden Abigail, Olivia Jayden, Kayden

Sourced Social Security Administration

How to Decide....

Who Gets Which Name With Same Gender Twins?

If you have picked out the perfect names and you’re having identical twins or same sex fraternal multiples, how do you come to the decision of who gets which name? Here are a few tips on how to decide:

  • You could wait until they are born and see who suits each name best. You may even change your mind on the original names you have chosen, which happens a lot.
  • Maybe your first born will have a particular name while the youngest has the other. This could be decided alphabetically or by family names.
  • My husband and I decided on names before our girls were born and even named each while still in my belly. Twin A was always going to be Emma and Twin B Chloe. Referring to them by name while pregnant “Chloes' cuddling up to Emma...” made it feel very real, even our son would refer to the girls by name. After their arrival both Emma and Chloe suited their names, maybe due to the fact we had been talking about each using their chosen names.

Twin Baby Names

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Twin Baby Names

Twin Baby Names Chosen by Celebrities

So many celebrities now a days are having twins, so why not check out the twin names they have picked out for their two babies. It may even give you some inspiration. I think it is very interested what others decide on, parents have some unique ideas.

Here are just a few favorite Celebrities and their twins:

  • Mariah Carey – Moroccan & Monroe
  • Celine Dion – Nelson & Eddy
  • Sarah Jessica Parker –Marion Loretta & Tabitha Hodge
  • Angelina Jolie – Knox Leon & Vivienne Marcheline
  • Lisa Marie Presley –Finley & Harper
  • Jennifer Lopez – Emme and Max
  • Julia Roberts – Hazel & Phinnaeus
  • Holly Robinson-Peete – Ryan & Rodney
  • Niki Taylor – Hunter & Jake
  • Mel Gibson – Christian & Edward
  • Jane Seymour –Johnny & Kris
  • Robert DiNiro – Julian & Aaron
  • Laura Bush – Jenna & Barbara
  • Rebecca Romijn – Dolly & Charlie
  • Marcia Cross – Eden & Savannah
  • Michael J. Fox – Aquinnah & Schuyler
  • Ron Howard – Paige & Jocelyn
  • Al Pacino – Anton & Olivia
  • Cybil Shepherd – Cyrus & Molly
  • Denzel Washington – Malcolm & Olivia
  • Mia Farrow – Matthew & Sascha
  • Meredith Baxter – Peter & Mollie

Oh My Gosh... I Never Knew that...

Sneak peek: Did you know that Elvis Presley and Alanis Morisette have twin siblings Also find out which other Celebrities Have a Secret Twin... Some you may already know while others may shock you.

So good luck in the first of many decisions you will be making as a parent. And remember which ever names you decide on, they will be the perfect names for your twins just like they are.

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