Twin Boys at 20

by Caara
(Perth, WA, Australia)


I found out that I was carrying twins when I was roughly 7 weeks, wasn't using IVF (as I'm only 20, was only 19 at the time of conception)..

It came as a big surprise. I'd only miscarried a few months earlier and here 2 months later finding out that I was carrying twins was very rough.

I was freaked out because me and my partner of 8 months at the time was considering having an abortion if I was pregnant again as neither of us were financially stable and if I was to have a baby, I wanted them to have the best life.

But when I heard those words from the ultrasound technician, looks like you're carrying twins, I knew that I couldn't kill them, since I'd lost the first one. Since that day, I knew that I wouldn't have the strength to give them away for adoption either and just wanted to have them and be their mother..

Fast forward, me and my partner are no longer together but I'm 31 weeks with the twins which are going to be boys and I'm really excited. I've got a lot of friends and family supporting me..

I'm just hoping the father will come around and be in their lives, despite the fact that we live 3 hours drive away from each other.

Well that's my story :)

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May 03, 2017
by: tiffy

im 28 and one day morning woke upgetting ready for work when i went to pee realised blood clot coming out was shocked as i knew was 11weeks preg so went to a gp nd he examined me and told me my cervix was open that why im having brown redish discharge he then put me on scan and he was like you 15weeks and the babies are fine , im like What he said you have twins thats why you bleed to they kick too much and are so big you yet to experience more different pains eish was shocked and happy and the same time cos seeing them playing there was a huge relief things are ok and both heart beats were fine its s huge take for me but got family and friends and my man by my side helping through out so ya hey that the story but stil see ckots when i pee hope the medication helps me lots , thank you mommies and God bless you all

Jan 07, 2017
I have a similar story!
by: Sierra

This is so crazy. I found out i was having twin boys when i was roughly 18 weeks. I as well had a miscarriage 3 months before the conception of the twins. I knew i was pregnant at about 8 weeks, but didn't know they were twins, and was planning on adoption since i am not very financially stable, i only work a part time job. Having the miscarriage just a couple months earlier i couldn't intentionally kill a fetus, which is why i didn't get an abortion earlier in the pregnancy. The father and i were together, but i made him leave due to being an abusive person.

When i went to my first ultra sound and heard the technician tell me there was 2, i knew i couldn't give them up. I decided to keep them right then and there, and decided to make the best of the situation. I was over whelmed by all the family support i received. I am 20 years old too! I just had to share, since our stories our so similar. Oh and my twins are fraternal, we are 25 weeks along today! I wish you the best of luck (:

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