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As I am not a medical professional and you would love an answer to those questions that have been sitting in the back of you mind, the more medical type of question. Then go ahead fill in the form below to get the answers to your pregnancy questions. All you have to do is type away, ask your question then click submit.

I am sure the moment you found out about having twins you were probably a bit stunned then so excited, maybe you even cried a little bit. I know I did... and then as each day went by came a truck load of questions. Which of course you can ask your healthcare professional although if you are anything like me and have major baby brain often forgetting to ask certain questions if any at all. Then the instant I would arrive home I'll remember all the things I wanted to mention. So here is your chance to ask away in the moment before you forget.

Twin Pregnancy Questions

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Twin Belly

**Please remember that this website has been created as a guide only from a mom of twins and is not actual medical advice.  It is very important to consult with your healthcare provider about your twin pregnancy if you have any major and/or urgent concerns**

Your pregnancy is special and unique. Congratulations to you and your family for your wonderful news of having twins. Take care of yourself and enjoy every minute of it. Feel free to have a look around for more information from pregnancy to the fun stuff like celebrating your baby shower and twin costumes. See below for more twinfo...

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If you would like to ask a question from other moms of twins or myself you can ask right here at There may even be some questions and answers from others that may help you. Take a look here:

Pregnant with Twins Questions and Answers

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