Twin Pregnancy: Twin Journey so far!!!!

by Teenae Sherrod
(Virginia Beach, VA)

my identical twin boys!!!

my identical twin boys!!!

my identical twin boys!!!
gettn huge month 7!!!!
we took a dip in the pool!!!!
Daniel Jr with Jayden and Jordan!

Teenae's Twin Pregnancy with Identical Twin Boys.
Her Story So Far...

At appoximately 9 weeks pregnant I found out that I was carrying twins!!! I was scared, shocked, and amazed that I was chosen to carry such a blessing!!! I had every pregnancy symptom in the book morning sickness nausea Exhaustion hip inflammation and now that I'm 28 weeks I have swollen feet!!! My childrens father and I aren't together but get along very well this was an unplanned pregnancy but we making the best out of it I have everything I need support love and an abundance of advice!!!!! I'm just taking this pregnancy one day at a time hoping daddy and I can rekindle our flame after 2 yrs apart I don't believe I got pregnant for nothing lol I miss him and want our family to be together as one!!! I have been a hungry and emotional mess lol this pregnancy has been. Way different from the first that pregnancy was a breeze I could eat whateva wheneva but not this time and I'm so miserable but I wouldn't trade it for all the money in the world!!! I'm still worried about breastfeeding twins or trying to tell my identical boys apart but I'm a strong woman and believe god will neva give u too much u can't handle!!!

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Jan 06, 2012
Jayden and Jordan Bingley
by: Teenae Sherrod

i had the boys the day after your comment they are now 8 months old and they arent identical but fraternal! i love my lil bundles of joy

Apr 28, 2011
by: Anonymous

Congratulations on your twinnies! When are you due?

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