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A place to read twin stories from moms of twins including pregnancy and birthing. It’s a great way to help you get through, or you can join in and help others by sharing your own experience.

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Many women who discover they are having twins love to read about other twin moms, been there done that stories. Giving great confidence, pregnancy tips and help in educating mothers expecting multiples that they too can get through it.

Being pregnant with twins is amazing and hard work. It can bring discomforts, complications and worries. How was your home life? Did you work during your pregnancy, was this your first (and second) baby, how did you cope, did you have lots of helping hands or did you do it alone?

May be you suffered extreme symptoms like morning sickness and fatigue or was it a breeze, were there complications and how did you get through them?

Every experience is different, unique and special.

We would love to hear your unique story with my quest in moms helping moms. A web page will be dedicated to you and shared with all.

How to Share your Twin Story

It’s really easy, all you have to do is fill in the form below, with as much (or little) detail as you like. Add a photo if you want then preview and edit if needed.

It may be that you have twins in your family or you’re a friend of parents with twins, and have an inspirational story to also share.

All contributions are welcome and appreciated. You never know your story could be lifesaving for a mom expecting twins. We are really looking forward to hearing from you!

Your Story About Being Pregnant with Twins?

Do you have twin pregnancy and/or birthing story you would like to share with other expectant mothers?

Share It Here! And create you very own web page all about your unique experience. You can show your page to friends and family too.

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What Other Parents and Visitors Have Contributed...

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I prayed for twins but I didn't think it would happen. When I found out i was pregnant a few weeks into the pregnancy (week 5-6) i started to look up everything …

37 Weeks, 5 Days with my Fraternal Twin GIRLS!! 
This pregnancy was my 6th and I had no idea that it would result in TWINS! It was a complete shock to find out that we would have not only our 6th child …

Our Journey!! 
At 11wks pregnant I found out I was pregnant with twins. But not just normal twins, Monochorionic Monoamniotic, Identical twins!!! I was excited, but when …

I feel very blessed 
A story of having twins and hanging in there... I was pregnant with boy/girl twins. I didn't find out I was having twins until I was almost 18 weeks …

I had my mo-mo twin girls at 33 weeks gestation. It was a long hard road. My pregnancy was rough from the start. Sore bones and muscles etc... …

My Preemie Twins Birth 
Watch this beautiful video about baby twins who were born prematurely. My beautiful twins Matteo and Jorgia born 6 weeks early. Matteo and …

Having Twins at 33 Weeks 6 Days 
Teenae’s twin pregnancy comes to an end at 33 weeks, 6 days gestation with the delivery of her lovely twin boys… 31- 33 they were born at 33weeks …

My Birth Story 
Premature Twins born via a Cesarean Section at 29 Weeks Colleen’s twin birth story... Hi everyone my name is Colleen. I had boy/girl twins …

Having Twins - "Twin"tuition 
From Twin Pregnancy to Raising Twins! A Mothers Story... I was 30 years old when I found out I was pregnant with what was thought to be my 3rd. …

Twin Pregnancy: Twin Journey so far!!!! 
Teenae's Twin Pregnancy with Identical Twin Boys. Her Story So Far... At appoximately 9 weeks pregnant I found out that I was carrying twins!!! …

Twin Boys at 20 Not rated yet
Hi, I found out that I was carrying twins when I was roughly 7 weeks, wasn't using IVF (as I'm only 20, was only 19 at the time of conception).. …

My Twin Pregnancy Journey Not rated yet
Wow!! Today 11 may 2013 I’m 27 weeks pregnant with twins. I have gone through a lot since I found out I was pregnant. I expected triplets but one did not …

My Amazing Story Not rated yet
Hi my name is Jordan and I'm 28 weeks pregnant with twin baby girls (fraternal). When i was 5 weeks pregnant i went to my doctor. I just knew i was …

Find out I'm Having Twins... Not rated yet
I just find out I'm having two babies, may be 3, I am still in shock. You do not know what to think right now, about work and everything. I have 2 kids …

My pregnancy with Mo-Mo twins Not rated yet
I found out I was pregnant at four weeks and then had a suspicion I might be pregnant with twins so I asked my doctor to do an early ultrasound. I was …

Having Twin Boys at 32 Weeks 5 Days Not rated yet
We got to 32 + 5 We found out at 4 weeks that we were having twins, and after having 2 singleton girls we were hoping for 2 boys. At the ultrasound, …

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