Twins and a toddler...and I'm 40!!!!!!!!

by Bb
(Florence, Ky)

We just found out we are having twins, possibly 3!!! My son JUST turned 2 and we were already shocked at the thought of 1. I have so many thoughts, worries, and fears about all of this. I've pretty much given up on sleeping. I often say now that I'm too old for this but I guess not!

I'm mostly worried about money - $$$ because I'm pretty sure I won't be able to go back to work after all of this craziness but we still have lots of bills and debt. But, more so, I am worried that our sweet, adorable little guy will feel left out or grow up too fast. I've tried to savor and enjoy every moment with him but it makes me so emotional to think about how much of a blur it will all be after the babies are here and I only hope he doesn't feel that way. He's a great helper and he loves his mommy so much. I've always told him he's my best friend and I hope that stays true through all of this.

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