Twins Nursery on a Budget

A twins nursery on a budget - We all want a beautiful space for our baby twins but we also want to save money on our cool ideas.

 Twins Nursery on a Budget

Here are 11 great tips for parents of twins to save money on a twin’s nursery:

  1. Make your own art work and decorations for the room. You could use family photos, colorful hand prints from the whole family and frame them or even print of some pictures that are in your theme and paint them, frame them and hang them.
  2. Put nursery items on your baby shower registry – most people can’t afford a crib on their own but if you put it on your baby registry, family and friends can pool together.
  3. Buy items they can grow into – instead of buying cute baby furniture which can be little, buy a large chest of drawers that will last for years. Another idea is a convertible crib, you can even get cribs that can be converted into a full size bed.
  4. Skip the bassinet/cradle – instead temporally put the crib in your room. Many parents like their babies in their room for the first few months at least, this helps with bonding and breastfeeding.
  5. Save money by using furniture you already have – Do you have a bookshelf you don’t really use or a lazy boy that’s really just taking up space in your living room? Then why not rearrange your house and move what you want into the nursery.
  6. No need for a change table – Why not change your twins on the floor using a change mat.  It’s safer and you can put all the changing supplies in the bottom draw of the dresser.
  7. It you wish to change to walls of the nursery use paint instead of wall paper. You can even have a feature wall if you like. It is best to keep it simple using colors that they can grow into.
  8. Before buying any furniture make a floor plan, the worst thing would be to buy all this cool nursery furniture and it doesn’t fit. This could make it a very expensive nursery.
  9. Keep bedding simple, bumpers for example are actually a SIDS risk so there is no need to buy expensive crib bedding sets. All you really need are some cute sheets.
  10. Buy second hand – Make a swap, accept hand me downs or even ask your family and friends to buy items they no longer need.
  11. Instead of hiring a muralist use wall decals. There are so many designed just for twins and so adorable.

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