Twins Poll Results

Twins poll results...

I will post new polls on our home page at random and you can view the results for the previous polls taken here.

See what the majority favors towards, the most popular ways in which twin parents do things or facts about twins like identical or fraternal and other information from people who visit this site.

Post will be seen on our face book page of new polls and updated Twins Poll Results.

Twins Poll Results For:

How will you/did you choose names for your twins

Rhyming 9%
Have the same meaning 3%
Starts with the same letter 36%
Family names 18%
Other 34%

Twin Names

My twins...

Sleep together 18%
Sleep separately 13%
I'm pregnant with twins and haven't decided 69%

Having Twins Facebook Page

How many weeks were you when twins were discovered?

6 weeks (or less) 31%
7 - 12 weeks 53%
13 - 20 weeks 11%
20 or more weeks 4%
When I delivered them 1%

Twin Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

How many sets of twins do you have?

1 92%
2 4%
3 or more 4%

Twin Pregnancy

Do or did you suffer from postpartum depression after having twins?

Yes 15%
No 60%
I may have but I wasn't
officially diagnosed.

Twin Pregnancy Questions

Are you a member of a Multiple Birth Club?

Yes 16%
No 56%
I intend to join 16%
I don't have a club in my area 12%

Tips for Surviving Newborn Twins

Did you go on bed rest at any stage of your twin pregnancy?

Yes 20%
No 40%
Partial Bed Rest 24%
I'm on Bed Rest Now 16%

Are you a single parent with twins?

Yes 30%
No 62.5%
No, But I feel like a single parent 7.5%

The First Year Raising Twins

Did your twins spend some time in the NICU?

Yes 50%
No 50%

Caring for Preemie Twins

Do or would you breastfeed in public places?

Yes 55%
No 40%
Maybe 5%

Breastfeeding Stoies Moms helping Moms

Our twins are...

Fraternal Girl/Boy 20%
Fraternal Girl/Girl 28%
Fraternal Boy/Boy 16%
Identical Girls 36%
Identical Boys 0%

Identical Twins or Fraternal Twins

How did you feed your twins?

Breastfed Exclusively 20%
Bottle Fed Exclusively 40%
Both 20%
Breastfed then Switched to Bottle 20%

Breastfeeding Twins or Bottle Feeding Twins

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