Twins? You've Got to Be Kidding Me



I had a vision of twin girls five years ago.

I had a dream of twins back in Feb/March. But when I found out I was pregnant, I thought nothing of twins except how much I didn't want to be pregnant-- my other kids are teenagers. For the first few weeks, I had no symptoms other than fatigue (oh, how I miss those days). Fast forward to April and my first ultrasound (not the one above-- that was the following week). I'm on the table, silently hoping something was wrong, preparing for that moment. I looked at the screen and saw two bubbles but I didn't see anything in them. Okay, I thought, twins but they didn't make it. The dr asked if I saw what he saw; I said yes, two sacs with nothing in them. He zoomed in and said, "Oh no, there's something there, in both". Heartbeats. "You've got to be kidding me," I said out loud. "God hates me."

The very next week it was confirmed by an ultrasound tech and I slipped into a depression until about week 18 when something just clicked. I was still scared but I was excited too.

It turns out my vision was wrong-- I'm not having twin girls. I'm having a girl/boy set.

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I hear ya sista!
by: Anonymous

I, too, fell into a depression/pregnancy funk during my twin pregnancy. It's overwhelming. And since this was my 3rd pregnancy (I had a 4 year old and 1 year old when I found out I was pregnant with twin) I knew what to expect and I knew life was going to be much more difficult than I could ever imagine.

But let me tell you something, life is easing into the new normal. My twins (2 fraternal girls) are almost 7 months old and I couldn't imagine my life any different.

Good luck! Enjoy. Only the best mom's and dad's are blessed with multiples :)

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