by Lynnette
(Chattanooga TN , 37412)

Is it Twins?

Is it Twins?

Is it Twins?
Is it Twins?

Hi I was wanting you guys to take a look at my 4d ultrasound pics. I have had a feeling I am carrying twins. In the beginning of my pregnancy, they saw two sacs. Then as my pregnancy progressed they only saw one baby. I have had several dreams lately that I had 3 boys have had a dream I had twins as well.. I have had hiccups on both sides of my stomach,I feel movement in all directions, I have been measuring 3-4 weeks ahead,heartbeat is in different rhythms,and I just have a feeling there is two because I had a 4d ultrasound done a few weeks ago. And I see two different noses, mouths,faces. Please let me know what you guys think.

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