Why aren't you huge?

by Erica

At 14 weeks pregnant, my belly hadn't 'popped' yet. Upon arriving back to work in the fall after a summer off (I am a teacher), everyone drilled me on why I wasn't eating? Was I feeding both babies? Shouldn't I look like I am 28 weeks?? UGH!

Comment from Charlene at Having- Twins.com:

I was asked this question through my whole pregnancy I was no bigger than I was with my first. But I sure was having twins it certainly felt like it

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Aug 28, 2011
33.5 weeks along
by: Katrina Wilson

I am just about to hit the 34wk mark & I get the comment ALL of the time that I absolutely do not look as if I am having twins. One of my MFM doctors even suggested that I gain more weight, that I only weighed enough to be carrying 1 baby when I am actually carrying 2 (as if I didn't already know that LOL). I eat when I am hungry (not more) & I eat as much as I want ~ I have only gained 26lbs ~ I swear it's ALL babies :D

Each and every time I go in to have an u/s they keep telling me that the girls (Identical)look perfect, healthy & happy (last u/s they weighed 3.4 & 3.5lbs, 30wks)

It's funny to me, I always thought that as long as the baby, or in this case babies were doing fine then nothing else should matter (I am in good health as well)

Aug 16, 2011
weight gain with twins
by: Amanda

I only gained 19lbs with my twins and carried them to almost 38 weeks and with them and the afterbirth the pulled out over 25lbs of babies and fluids so not everyone who is carrying twins is going to gain alot of weight I have had friends who jsut had one baby and gained nearly 80lbs so differnt people and body types gain differently Good luck with your pregnancy!

Aug 16, 2011

Hello, I am 17 weeks expecting fraternal twins. I just now popped a little baby bump, I def look pregnant but not as big as everyone thought or said I would. I still haven't gained any weight, I actually lost 7 lbs the first trimester. I am 5'0" and 118 lbs. I am thankful to not be so big but then again I can't wait to have a baby belly.

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